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account suspended

This morning I was about to visit one of my blogs to write a post. Instead of seeing my website, I got the following error message: “Website Temporarily Closed – If you are the owner of this website, please check your client pages or contact your service provider.”

Starting your working day with an error message like that feels very tough. I had no clue what to do, but immediately I sent an email to my webhost to see if they had done something to close down the website. A few years ago the same host closed down one of my website, but then they sent me an email about it, so I didn’t really believe they caused this to happen this time. So, what had happened?

A few years ago I wrote some articles on how to protect your WordPress website from hackers. I recommended using a service named Sucuri back then, and I have since then had a running subscription to Sucuri. I have been quite fed up with this service, because for some years I haven’t really had a great need for it, and when I get the yearly email that about 500 USD is withdrawn from my PayPal account, I feel as if I have been wasting my money. I have to pay that much since I have a Sucuri license for 15 different websites, if you only want protection on one website, it is much cheaper.

account suspended

Website Temporarily Closed – If you are the owner of this website, please check your client pages or contact your service provider

But then, this morning, I visited my website and saw that it was temporarily closed. I felt furious and afraid that it would take ages to solve the problem. If you have a website with thousands of daily visitors, and you actually earn some USD every day, then it can be “expensive” for your site to be down. And if it is down for a long time, then you might even lose Google ranking.

What did I do about the “website temporarily closed” message?

I checked my email, and there I discovered an email from Sucuri with the following message:

*Security warning in the URL: http://***.org/
Site error detected. Details:
*Security warning in the URL (for Google’s UA):
Site error detected. Details:

I decided to visit the Sucuri website, and there I filed a “remove malware request.” About five minutes later I received a new email in which they said that the threat had been removed. I visited my website again, and instead of the website temporarily closed message, I saw my website in its true beauty! Thanks Sucuri!

What was the problem and the solution?

It seems as if some kind of malware/junk had been added to my site, and this caused the error message to appear. If you get the same message, you could and should contact your webhost. But, if it is a malware and it needs to be remove, most webhosts require you to pay a lot for them to fix the problem. That was what I discovered some years ago, and what led me to sign up for the services of Sucuri.

You can also search the Internet for solutions on how to fix this, or you can give Sucuri a try yourself!

Good luck!


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