Stay close to your source of inspiration

Stay inspired all the time

Source of inspirationWhat inspired you to do what you are doing at the moment? What inspired you to start blogging, or what inspired you to get the job you are currently doing? No matter where you are it is vital to stay close to your source of inspiration because if you lose track of why you are doing what you are doing, you will some tough weeks and months ahead of you.

When did you choose the path for your life that you are running at the moment? Was it at a conference when you heard a speaker say some inspiring words? Did you read an article in a blog somewhere that inspired you to go in this certain direction? Maybe you looked up to a celebrity and your greatest desire has been to turn more like him and to be like your hero and maybe even better? Do not forget to stay close to your source of inspiration as you keep chasing that dream.

Some sources of inspiration

William Wilberforce was an English politician who led a movement to abolish the slave trade at the start of the 19th century. If he would have lived inside an office 24-7 he could easily have lost focus on the task he was fighting for. To be able to bring such a battle to victory he needed to have a strong conviction and always know who he fought for (the slaves).

Thomas Edison, the inventor, is famous for having said that he found out ten thousand ways not to create the light bulb before he finally manages to find the way to create one. If Thomas Edison would have lost his vision and dream and the inner picture of what he was about to create, he would for sure have given up earlier.

Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC, had a dream to create and serve great food and chicken to hungry people. He started serving from his home and later it grew into a much larger restaurant facility along a way with much traffic. At the age of 65 years, Interstate 75 was created and that made most visitors drive another way, thus giving a drastic decrease in revenue for the restaurant owned by Colonel Sanders. He knew his dream and stayed closed to it, and what could have destroyed Colonel Sanders helped him instead, and as a result, he created the KFC franchise concept, and today we can eat the chicken dreamed by Colonel Sanders all around the world.

Stay inspired all the time

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Stay close to your dream

You might not be like William Wilberforce, Thomas Edison or Colonel Sanders, but you are doing what you are doing because of something. Hopefully, you are not inspired by money alone, because that is a weak source of inspiration. However, if you have a dream and vision for the money you earn, that is an entirely different story. Here you can see some examples:

  • I want to earn money so that I can provide for my family
  • I want to earn money so that I can help the poor people in my neighborhood
  • I want to earn money so that I can donate to charity
  • I want to earn money so that I can see new parts of the world

Let us say that you watch a TV show on Travel Channel about people climbing the Mount Everest. You get crazy about the idea and decide to go for it. You start doing all the preparations, but after a couple of months you feel fed up with the entire idea and consider giving up. What to do? What the television show again. Place yourself in such a position that you were in when the dream was originally born.

Where I draw my inspiration from

In my own life, I know exactly what inspires me to do the things that I am doing. As a believer, I am inspired by Jesus and he gives me visions and dreams for what I am doing. That is why listening to praise and worship, gospel and similar music inspires me a lot, and I draw inspiration to both „secular” and „sacred” jobs praising God. If I let my relationship with God grow cold I often find myself lacking motivation and without any inspiration to write articles and do the work I am supposed to be doing. That is why it is so important for all of us to stay close to our sources of inspiration.

Do you have any special source of inspiration or any special thing you do to keep yourself on the right path? I would love to hear from you in a comment!

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