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Kindle Oasis amazon

Kindle Oasis amazonWe are heading into the winter season, and you might think about Christmas presents already. Amazon will release their new Kindle Oasis on October 31st, and maybe that will be a perfect Christmas present in 2017?

The Kindle Oasis, which you can buy at for 229 Euro, will be the first water-proof Kindle on the market. It will also have a larger display (1″ bigger), and more built-in led-lamps. It will still not harm your eyes, but on a sunny day at the beach, you will often find the led-lamps to be very useful. The truth is that the primary Kindle with no led-lamps usually is unusable when it is strong sun, and also when it is entirely dark. The other Kindle versions are much better than the standard Kindle for that reason, and the new Kindle Oasis will be even better than the Voyage and Paperwhite when it comes to LED lamps.

Why order it from

At you can order the Kindle from within Europe, meaning that there is no VAT (which you would have to pay if you order from the USA). It is also cheaper to order from Amazon in Germany (compared to Amazon in the UK). You can even set the language of to English, making the shopping experience even better. doesn’t shop the Kindle to my country?

If you try to order the Kindle Oasis (or some other Kindle) from, you will see a message saying, that Amazon doesn’t ship this product to your country. What can be done? It is straightforward. There are postal forwarding services that will receive the package for you in Germany, and then forward it to your address somewhere else in the world. You can read more about package forwarding services here.

Go ahead, order your Kindle Oasis, and have a perfect day!


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