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Mailboxde review
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Recently I ordered and tried a Fire Tablet from Amazon in Germany, but since they do not send such tablets to my nation I decided to use a service named Mailboxde to forward this package sent from Amazon to me in Hungary! So, how did it work? Was I satisfied? Here is my short Mailboxde review.

I read about this service in for example the following article and thought it would be nice to try it. And I preferred to use this service since it is better and cheaper to buy from Amazon in Germany compared to buying from Amazon in England. So, how did it work?

Mailboxde review

The Mailboxde website, not looking to good!

My Mailboxde experience

At first I visited their website and create an account. This was very easy and at once I got my own address in German to which I could send a package. So far, so good! After this I added this address to my Amazon profile and had them ship my tablet to this address in German. I ordered it on Amazon and it was delivered to my temporary address in Germany two days later. I received an email at once from Mailboxde telling me that a package had arrived and of course I was eager to had them send it on to me!

I then went to their website and notice that I first had to pay a so called consolidation fee which costs 10 Euro per year. This works like a membership fee, and to be able to have anything done with your package that just arrived you need to pay this. After paying this fee I received different postage options and prices telling me how much it would cost to have my package delivered to me in Hungary. The prices varied between 12 Euro and 40 Euro, but I decided to use a service costing a total of 18 Euro. I had all of this done in a few minutes and once I had paid my consolidation fee and the cost of the package they had it sent within a few hours. This was a Thursday and I had the package delivered at my door on Monday. Not bad at all!

So, what should I say? I am very satisfied with the service and how it worked, though I feel as if the consolidation fee is making things harder, at least comparing it with other similar services in the United Kingdom and in the United States which has no similar fees. But, if you have no problem at all paying this 10 Euro fee then this is a service I can warmly recommend because the prices for delivering your package to you in your country are low and works good.

Have you tried using Mailboxde? Did you like their services? Please write a comment if you have any thoughts on this matter!

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  1. Mailboxde consolidation fee purpose is to unlock several deliveries packaging service into one box.
    If you ordered only one box, there is no benefit of paying consolidation fee.
    I order by one box, never repack and never pay any annual consolidation fee.

  2. That’s not true, you don’t have to pay a consolidation fee. The consolidation fee is for those who order multiple packages from Germany at the same time and want to combine them into one package so they can pay one shipping cost instead of several. Mailboxde only charge 2.80 for their service, the rest is the UPS charge

  3. I’m trying them for the first time shipping some goods from Germany to the USA. I feel like the consolidation fee would save me money in the long run. So far customer service is excellent and I really hope to have them as my regular German mail supplier!

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