Can I buy AMD RX 470 graphic cards at

RX 470 amazon
RX 470 amazon

We are living in a time when Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies peak like never before. Lots of people want to get hold of cryptocurrencies through mining. For the purpose of mining Ethereum and other currencies, the AMD RX 470 cards are considered to be among the best (and cheapest). Can such graphic cards be bought at

I have been doing some crypto currency mining for a couple of months, and just like everyone else, I was watching for places to buy RX 470 graphic cards. I didn’t care much about whether or not they had 4GB or 8GB memory, but as I read that 8GB was recommended to keep them able to work for a longer period of time, I preferred 8GB if possible.

I looked around at stores in Hungary, and of course, I visited to check whether or not they had any RX 470 graphic cards available. I didn’t care about whether it would be a Sapphire, XFX or some other title to the card, I simply wanted to buy RX 470 graphic cards. It was easier said than done!

If you search for RX 470 at, you will get really bad results. The truth is, there are no RX 470  graphic cards available. You might find some cards which can be bought from third parties (used) at terrible prices (400 Euro or more), but you should probably skip those.

What should you buy instead of RX 470 cards?

If you cannot find RX 470 cards for your mining rig, what should you buy then? My best guess would be to buy RX 570 cards instead. They are in fact cheaper new than if you plan on buying an RX 470 card used, meaning that you can find them around 320 Euro at If you press the link above, you will find such cards, and right now I feel really tempted to buy a Sapphire RX 570 Nitro+ card costing 330 Euro. That is an excellent price looking at the market and its prices as of today. One year ago it would be considered very expensive, but with crazy miners such as us all around the globe, the price has gone in the air.

I hope that you will find some cards that will help you out and get started with some mining yourself. I wish you good luck. If you have any comments or questions, use the comment field beneath!

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