An honest SocialPilot evaluation


I have earlier written honest VPN reviews. This time I have tested SocialPilot, and here you can find my honest SocialPilot evaluation based on personal experience.

SocialPilot is a service ideal for those working with social media, and for those administrating at least five social media profiles (or more). What SocialPilot can do for you is to gather all information and everything at one spot, meaning that you do not have to manually visit Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to schedule a post to the given platform. Instead you can do it all from the SocialPilot dashboard. I have now been using the SocialPilot platform for a while, and here you will find my honest SocialPilot evaluation.

This is what SocialPilot says about their own product.

First I signed up for SocialPilot

If you have never used a service like SocialPilot, you might be a bit confused as you sign up. You are first asked to add a social profile to the system. That is okay, and you should just add any kind of Facebook profile, Facebook page, Twitter profile or some other social media profile. After adding the profile, you are immediately asked to setup a schedule for the profile. This might be hard to get, if you have never used a similar service before. It isn’t that hard however, once you understand what it is about.

What are the scheduling times about?

When is your audience most likely to react to a post on Facebook or Twitter? If you believe your core audience loves using the Internet and Facebook at 20.00, make sure your posts to Facebook are timed just then. If your target group is mothers who check Twitter before their kids wake up at 6.30 in the morning, and at 22.30 in the evening as their kids are asleep again, those are the times you want to post to your social media profiles. As SocialPilot ask you to add schedule times, they want you to add at least one time of the day (and you get to choose the days as well), when you want posts to be published. Once you are finished adding those times you are free to post your first message.

Now you are ready to use SocialPilot

Once the schedule times are set you can start using SocialPilot for all its worth. You can at once type a message, link to a new blog post or add media using the “Add post” option. Add all the info you want, and then you select to social profiles to which you want to message to be sent. When you finish the job press “Add To Queue” for the message to be published at the times you added in the schedule as you added to social profile. You can also press Share Now, and your content will be published to your set social media sites right away.

Lots of other SocialPilot functions

What I have described earlier are the main functions of SocialPilot. But, you can also do other fantastic stuff with SocialPilot. If you have lots of social media profiles added, the groups is a useful tool. There you can add different profiles added to a group. Whenever you want to publish content to a certain group of profiles, simply click the name of the group to which you want to publish, and all social media sites added to that group will be blessed with the content you want to send.

It is possible to have RSS-feeds added to SocialPilot. If you add a feed, SocialPilot will make sure content is published automatically to your social media sites, without you doing anything.

You can also get stats from Facebook and Twitter, giving you reports on new folloers, likes, retweets and other delicious stuff. Hopefully you will have great success with your social media campaigns, and you can witness your success in the SocialPilot dashboard.

What is the conclusion of my SocialPilot evaluation?

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I gave SocialPilot a try in the start. After using it for a while, I know now one thing: I really like SocialPilot. I enjoy using it, and it makes me want to become even more social and use social media for what its worth.

There are lots of functions I haven’t described in this article, but give it a try yourself. I can honestly recommend SocialPilot, and let me also mention that the Android application works perfectly. Why spend hours adding content to your social media sites manually, when SocialPilot can do it for you in a few minutes?

If you have tried SocialPilot and want to share your thoughts, or maybe write your very own SocialPilot evaluation, use the comment field beneath. I am happy both for long and short reviews of the service.

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