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SocialPilot website

Yesterday I read about SocialPilot for the first time. I did not know anything about SocialPilot, so I decided to take a look. Here is my short SocialPilot review based on my first 24 hours.

Since I did not know anything about SocialPilot, I had to find out what it was at first. It was described as a social media tool that would help me schedule my social media appearance. It would also help me organize all my social media accounts from one and the same place. Based on the short description I guessed that SocialPilot was gonna be something quite similiar to HootSuite, a service I have been using for years to do exactly the same stuff. For that reason SocialPilot got my very attention, as this was a service covering a need I actually have, that I currently solve using the service of HootSuite.

A first look at the SocialPilot website

As you visit the SocialPilot website, you do not actually get the point by your first look. if you do not know what SocialPilot is before visiting the website, you will not understand it at once as you visit the site. If you look around, you will get it, but based on the first impression, you do not really get the point. If you however scroll a little bit and read some of the texts, you will get the vision of SocialPilot quite fast. Personally I signed up at once, as I knew I wanted to give SocialPilot a try, even before visiting the website.

SocialPilot website

The different SocialPilot plans

I have been using HootSuite Pro for a while. For 19,99 USD per month you get to add 50 social media accounts, and you can easily send and schedule messages to those accounts from the HootSuite dashboard. My problem has been that I have around 80 social media accounts which I work with, and thus I had to HootSuite Pro accounts running. As I signed up for SocialPilot I therefore gave the Growth Hacker plan a try (16,67 USD a month if you sign up for a year). With this I can add as much as 100 social media accounts and lots of other stuff. Looking at the finances, I really hoped for SocialPilot to work well (meaning that I could cancel my HootSuite accounts).

SocialPilot also has a 8USD per month plan (Basic), ideal for those with no more than 10 social media profiles. I should also mention the Business plan which will let you add as much as 200 profiles to one account. The cost of the latter plan is 25 USD per month.

How does SocialPilot work?

Once registered, you are immediately encouraged to add your first social media profile to SocialPilot. I added a Twitter account, and at once I was told to set up a schedule plan. If you do not understand this, let me explain it to you quickly. If you publish a post to Facebook (or Twitter or Pinterest or Instagram) at 12.00 or 20.00 or 01.00 will heavily impact the way it will be received. It is important to publish your posts at ideal times of the day. You probably know the best times yourselves, but if you know that your audience live in England, then you better set your schedule publish times to be at the time of the day, in which your audience are most active at the social media platform to which you publish. The scheduled times needs to be set for every single social media profile you add, and can easily be modified anytime later.

When you have added a social profile and set the scheduled times, you are ready to publish your first post to social media with SocialPilot.

SocialPilot publish a post

It is time to publish your first post with SocialPilot

At the screenshot above you can see how easy it is to publish posts with SocialPilot. You type the message, later select to which social media profiles you want to send the message (or media). You can then either add the message to the queue (it will be then sent at the times you scheduled as you added the social profiles), or you can select Share Now, and it will be sent at once.

SocialPilot groups

If you add 80 social media profiles, like I did, then you will be very happy about the SocialPilot groups. If you administer different websites and blogs, then you will probably have Twitter, Facebook and Google+ profiles for all those blogs and website. In the SocialPilot groups, you can add different profiles to a certain group. Whenever you want to send content to several profiles in the same group, just select the group, and SocialPilot will automatically send the message to all profiles within that group. A very nice function that saves you loads of time.

SocialPilot and RSS-feeds

If you do not want to send the messages yourselves, then you can also make SocialPilot automatically fetch your RSS-feed and publish the posts to the social media profiles or SocialPilot groups automatically. This can easily be done, and if you decide to publish in this way, then you do not have to do anything in the future, as SocialPilot will do the rest of the publishing job itself.

SocialPilot and teams + stats

If you have a Growth Hacker account, then you can add 5 members to account. This will allow as many as five users to administrate your account, send messages/urls/media to the different profiles and make sure your social media work is doing well. Any new user can be set as a manager, or simply a content scheduler. This helps you make sure that people only are allowed to do, whatever you want them to do. You can also see stats from the different social media platforms (Twitter and Facebook etc), showing new likes, new

You can also see stats from the different social media platforms (Twitter and Facebook etc), showing new likes, new followers and similar stats. This will help you see whether or not your social media work give results or not.

SocialPilot app for Android

I never liked the HootSuite application for Android, and for that reason I always deleted it (after installing it to give it a new try). The SocialPilot application for Android works much better, and it is much easier to administer. You can easily send message to all your social media profiles (or groups). You can also see scheduled message and get a good overview of what’s going on.

Conclusion of my short SocalPilot review

I have been using SocialPilot for 24 hours now. There are lots of functions I haven’t discovered and used yet, but I believe the ones I have mentioned to be among the most important ones. It only took me one hour to understand that I will cancel my HootSuite accounts, in order to stay with SocialPilot instead. I like mostly everything about SocialPilot better, and I do not see any reason at all to remain a HootSuite user.

I am still in my trail period with SocialPilot (you can try it for free for 14 days), but once my trial period is over, I will remain a SocialPilot user for sure. What about you? Have you tried SocialPilot? Did you like it?

What about you? Have you tried SocialPilot? Did you like it?


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  1. Thank you for preferring SocialPilot over Hootsuite. I hope it is still the case and you are still an avid user.

    I’m sure it has been more than 24 hours, since you’ve been using the tool. I would like to let you and your readers know about our latest feature – Facebook Boost Post. Now our users need not switch platforms to make their content reach the extra mile!

    Let us know if you have used the feature and how you liked it!


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