My first WordPress post with the free version of Grammarly

Grammarly icon in Wordpress
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Yesterday I saw a Grammarly commercial at Youtube. It caught my attention, and today I decided to give it a try. I just installed the Grammarly add-on for Firefox, and this is my first blog post with the Grammarly add-on installed. How is it working?

I should start this article with telling that I am using the free version of Grammarly. The Premium version is quite expensive, but if you write a lot, then it is probably worth it. If you pay for an entire year at once, the monthly cost of Grammarly is about 12 USD per month.

So far Grammarly hasn’t commented anything on this article. It does, however, warn me about one critical issue. Grammarly also told me about a comma mistake in the previous sentence.

To use Grammarly together with WordPress, I do not really have to do anything special. Beneath you can see a screenshot showing the Grammarly icon as I use it.

Grammarly icon in WordPress

Here you can see the Grammarly icon in WordPress

If I place my mouse above the Grammarly icon, I will see the following:

grammarly working with wordpress

The Grammarly icon in WordPress

The icon shows me that there is one advanced mistake, for which I need the premium plugin to solve. If I would add a plain typing mistake, then I would see one more warning. To find the errors I need to press the Edit in Grammarly icon, and at once I can solve all problems.

Grammarly editor in WordPress

The Grammarly editor in WordPress

By the time I opened the Grammarly editor, I now discovered 4 advanced issues. Unfortunately, I can not do anything with those in the free version.

Is the free Grammarly version worth using with WordPress?

In WordPress you have a spell checker included. Is this enough, or is the free version of Grammarly better than the included spell checker?

Based on what I have seen so far, there are errors and mistakes discovered by the free Grammarly version, that the WordPress default spell checker doesn’t notice. The result is, that Grammarly is worth using, but it doesn’t add very much. These thoughts reflect the free version of Grammarly. Soon I will give the premium version a try, and I will then write a new blog post to share my thoughts on the premium version of Grammarly.

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