Related posts plugin compatible with WPML

A WPML friendly related posts plugin for Wordpress

Are you using WPML and want to find a WordPress plugin showing related posts on posts and pages that is compatible with WPML? I have been looking for the same thing for a long time, but I have never really found a satisfying answer, until now! Keep on reading to find out more about a related posts plugin compatible with WPML!

I was just out there searching the Internet for a solution again, and then I found this plugin for which you had to pay quite a lot of money in order to make the related posts plugin compatible to WPML. Since I do not like to pay money for plugins that I feel should be free I kept on looking and then I stumbled upon: Contextual Related Posts.

I have not tried it for lots of hours yet, but based on my first impression this is finally a WordPress plugin showing related posts that is compatible with WPML. I have tried it on a couple of websites already and if you visit the following website you can for example see that it is working perfectly, and you will first of all see it as you change between the different languages available and thus you will experience how the related posts showing up always will follow the actual language of the site you are in.

A WPML friendly related posts plugin for WordPress

Go ahead and try Contextual Related Posts for yourself and hopefully you will be just as happy as me as you discover that this is working with WPML. If you want to know more about a multilingual website and WPML, read the linked article.

I just wanted to update this article one month after originally writing it to tell you that it is still working well and I only have positive experience from using the Contextual Related Posts plugin in WordPress and of course with WPML. I hope you will have the same, but if you have any comments or questions related to this, juust use the comment field!

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