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War Room reviewWhile War Room has been in cinemas in the States since 2015, it has been very hard to watch the film in Hungary. And since the film was only released on DVD just before Christmas and made available for purchase on Amazon.com then I had to wait until then to watch it. But, after a long time of waiting I finally got to watch it! Here is my little War Room review.

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War Room was made by the Kendrik Brothers, the same brothers who earlier have created Flywheel, Faith Like Giants, Fireproof and Courageous. I am a big fan of all those films with Flywheel as a little exception due to the terrible quality of the production, but when it comes to the message, that was a big winner as well. But, since then the quality of the productions has gotten much higher and now you no longer sit with the feeling that this is a really terrible, low-cost, Christian production anymore, but that this is a film in which lots of money has been invested. And it is worth it!

What is War Room about?

War Room tells us the story of an old lady who is about to sell her house. The real estate agent that will help her sell the property is having big trouble in her own marriage, and the old lady is not only hoping to sell her house, but hoping to help this young real estate agent to get her lift back in shape and to get her marriage in order. But, how can that be done? The fight needs to be made in the war room, and in the war room you do not fight with weapons, but in prayer.

I so much enjoyed the old lady in the film and I wish I had some more old ladies like that in my own life. And even more, I wish I was more like the old lady myself. And that is what makes War Room such a great film as it is not a film that you watch and then you leave in the same way, but it is a film that challenges and inspires at the same time, and I believe that most people watching this film will feel challenged by its message.

I had some great laughs along the way, shed a few tears and had an awesome time watching this film, and I do hope that you will get the chance to watch War Room as well. I watched it as an Instant Video on Amazon.com, and if you want to do so as well, then you can read more about how to do so here.

This was my War Room review? What do you think about War Room?

Have you seen War Room? Did you like it? Did it impact your life?

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