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Ed Young on Netflix

Ed Young on NetflixOn the first day of each month there are always lots of film and TV series that are added to Netflix in all Netflix regions. The same was true for December 1st in 2015, but there was a slight difference compared to normal months. Now you can not only watch Christian films on Netflix, but now you can also listen to Christian teachings on Netflix. 

This is of course very much in the starting phase still, but the fact that quite some preachers have made their messages available on Netflix is a big step in the right direction and also making their messages much more available to big crowds that would never visit their actual home pages and much less actually walk into their church buildings.

But, which preachers can I listen to and watch on Netflix? Here is the list!

You can now watch these Christian teachings on Netflix

For example, if you are a fan of Joyce Meyer then you can now watch her on Netflix as well. On Canadian Netflix you can listen to her preach on being armed and dangerous, a series of four episodes, each lasting about 45 minutes. So instead of watching House of Cards or some other Netflix series, then you can now listen to the teachings of Joyce Meyer instead. But, that is not all!

Because also coming to Netflix on 1st of December in 2015 I noticed sermons made by Ed Young. He has launched a series of five sermons that is available on US Netflix (and Canadian if I remember correct) and he is teaching on a very important subject, what we often know as the sheep mentality… following the others, following the crowds and doing what we believe the people around us will want us to do, instead of following our shepherd Jesus Christ!

The third preacher that just got on Netflix with his messages is Steven Furtick, and he is teaching on Death to Selfie, which is the name of the series of 5 messages just made available. Steven Furtick is the pastor in Elevation Church, and a great Bible teacher!

Christian teachings on Netflix

You can watch Steven Furtick on Netflix

December 17th update: I just realized that Andy Stanley can also be found on Netflix with sermons on what to do when all things fall apart. He is teaching on learning from mistakes and not to do them over again and how this can influence your relationships, your marriage and your dreams!

So, what are you going to do tonight? Are you going to listen to some Christian teachings on Netflix? Or maybe you want to watch a Christian film instead? You can get some suggestions for Christian films on Netflix pressing the link above!

I will try to update this article even more in the future as I read about new teachers and preachers who have their messages made available on Netflix. Hopefully there will be quite a lot of these in the future because it is always need for such great teachings online and especially for inspiring and encouraging messages that will help us go higher and live for a higher purpose.

God bless you and have a good and edifying time!

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