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I Can Only Imagine – A Movie Worth Watching

A while ago, I got the chance to watch I Can Only Imagine. I discovered[…]


A review of Miracles from Heaven [2016]

Not long ago I wrote a review of Miracles from Heaven in which the movie[…]


God’s Not Dead 2 review

I know I am late publishing this article, but since I recently finally got to[…]

Unconditional review

An Unconditional review

I like watching all sorts of films, but there is nothing like a good Christian[…]

Woodlawn review 2015

My Woodlawn review

I am a big fan of a good film and recently I have seen quite[…]

War Room

A little War Room review

While War Room has been in cinemas in the States since 2015, it has been[…]

Watch Selma review

My little Selma (2014) review!

Selma has received lots of praise and yesterday evening I was planning on doing some[…]

Gods Not Dead review

God’s Not Dead review

It has been a while since I watched God’s Not Dead, but since I recently[…]

Do You Believe review

My little Do You Believe review

Not long ago I watched Grace Unplugged and wrote a short review of that film[…]

Grace Unplugged review

My little Grace Unplugged review

Yesterday I finished reading Eve and wrote my review, and this night I could not[…]