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God’s Not Dead 2 review

I know I am late publishing this article, but since I recently finally got to watch Gods Not Dead 2, I thought I should publish a movie review anyway. As you might remember I wrote a God’s Not Dead review after watching the original movie. I really liked it and felt as if it was

An Unconditional review

I like watching all sorts of films, but there is nothing like a good Christian film. Recently I watched Unconditional from 2012, and here is my Unconditional review. If you want to watch the film then you can find it on DVD and as an Instant Video on I did not know to much

My Woodlawn review

I am a big fan of a good film and recently I have seen quite a lot of them. One of the last films I saw was Woodlawn, a film made by Pure Flix, and here you can read my Woodlawn review. I recently wrote an article about Selma, a film which I had a

A little War Room review

While War Room has been in cinemas in the States since 2015, it has been very hard to watch the film in Hungary. And since the film was only released on DVD just before Christmas and made available for purchase on then I had to wait until then to watch it. But, after a

My little Selma (2014) review!

Selma has received lots of praise and yesterday evening I was planning on doing some work on my computer while watching the film Selma in the background. My plan did not succeed, because no matter how much I wanted to work while watching Selma, I simply failed! Selma was a film that just needed my

God’s Not Dead review

It has been a while since I watched God’s Not Dead, but since I recently started writing short reviews of (Christian) films I have seen, I thought it would be nice to share my thoughts on God’s not dead as well. Here you can find my God’s Not Dead review. I must admit that I

My little Do You Believe review

Not long ago I watched Grace Unplugged and wrote a short review of that film and now I just finished watching Do You Believe?. Here I will wrap up my thoughts around the film, so keep on reading for my little Do You Believe review. Do You Believe? is a film produced by Pure Flix

My little Grace Unplugged review

Yesterday I finished reading Eve and wrote my review, and this night I could not sleep for different reasons so I ended up watching Grace Unplugged on Netflix instead. I had heard about the film and seen the trailer before, so I was glad I finally got the chance to actually watch the film. Here