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Not long ago I wrote a review of Miracles from Heaven in which the movie got a very low score. The writer accused the movie of being a Christian movie out there to force our faith on its viewers. By that time I hadn’t watched the movie yet, but since then I have, and here I give you my Miracles from Heaven review.

The main actor in Miracles from Heaven is Jennifer Garner, a superstar we know from loads of Hollywood movies.  Since the release of the movie some people have claimed that Jennifer Garner is now a Christian and according to Wikipedia she attends a Methodist church with her children every Sunday. If she does I am happy about that, but the personal life of Jennifer Garner does not really impact the way I experienced Miracles from Heaven as I watched the movie!


Miracles from Heaven – the plot

I will try to share my thoughts on the movie and the story without giving away to much of the movie. In the movie we meet a family of four which lives life like most others. There is however one problem that gets more and more attention, the sickness of the daughter named Anna Beam. At first the doctors does not know what is causing her trouble, but later it is discovered that she has a sickness that never gets any better, only worse.

As a Christian family the parents try to stay in faith, but it ain’t easy when church members condemn you for having lack of faith (or sin in your life), and the daughter is suffering the consequences from that. At the same time any parent with sick children stand in danger of blaming God for what is happening, and so also with the parents in Miracles from Heaven.

All honor to Jennifer Garner who does a fantastic role playing the mother in the movie. She is playing the role with credibility and it is hard not to feel like she does as one watches the movie.

Is Miracles from Heaven a Christian movie?

Some might say yes, while others might say no. The movie is not about spreading the gospel of Jesus, but about portraying and telling a story based on a true story. In that way it is quite similar to another movie I watched a few years ago named Heaven is For Real. Now you might say that the preaching shown from church shares gospel truths, and the same can be said about lots of the conversations in the movie. But, since those are part of the original story they have to be there.

I would say that Miracles from Heaven can be considered a Christian movie, but not all Christians will be happy with it, and it is not at all a movie for Christians only. This is a movie for everyone and it is a movie showing the struggle of parents having a child suffering from a severe sickness.

No matter if you call this a Christian movie or not I would say that it is perfectly suitable for church gatherings, youth groups or cell groups of any kind.

What remains in me after watching Miracles from Heaven?

After watching the movie I of course cried a bit a couple of times. It did encourage me to stay in faith, also when a solution seems impossible. But, first of all it was a very nice movie, with a good message that was simply very enjoyable and encouraging to watch. And to be honest, that is so nice for a change.

It was hard to watch it as a parent, because you always ask yourself “what if this was happening to our family?” But, a good movie shouldn’t always be so easy to digest. This movie wasn1t easy to watch, but I haven’t regretted it for a moment that I watched it. All honor to Jennifer Garner and to the creators for Miracles from Heaven. I truly appreciated the movie.

Where can you watch Miracles from Heaven?

With video-stores becoming more and more seldom you can get access to Miracles from Heaven in different ways. The easiest way is to buy it from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Using any of those methods you will get access to the movie right away, at exactly where you are.

If you reside in the United States you can also buy it from Amazon.com and either watch it right away online or order the movie on DVD or Blu-Ray.

How did you like Miracles from Heaven?

Have you seen Miracles from Heaven? How did you like the movie? I would be honored if you would use two or three minutes to write your very own little Miracles from Heaven review in the comment field beneath.

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