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I know I am late publishing this article, but since I recently finally got to watch Gods Not Dead 2, I thought I should publish a movie review anyway.

As you might remember I wrote a God’s Not Dead review after watching the original movie. I really liked it and felt as if it was a high quality production with something to say. That is why I was curious to see whether or not the follow-up movie would be just as big a success as its predecessor. Based on the income the two movies produced it can be said that the original movie was the biggest success, but success can not always be measured in money. So, what was God’s Not Dead 2 like? Is it worth watching?


God’s Not Dead 2 has several famous actors

One of the greatest surprises with God’s Not Dead 2 considering it to be a Christian production is the amount of famous actors taking part. David A. R. White who we know from lots of Christian productions takes part in this movie as well, but besides him we have Jesse Metcalfe who lots of ladies will remember from Desperate Housewives, Melissa Joan Hart from Melissa and Joey and let us not forget Ray Wise from Twin Peaks, RoboCop, X-Men, NCIS and lots of other TV series. The legendary musician Pat Boone also appears as the father of Grace Wesley (played by Melissa Joan Hart) in the movie.

What is God’s Not Dead 2 about?

The story is somewhat hard for me to imagine in Europe, but it might be as brutal as they portray it in the movie. A popular teacher named Grace Wesley quotes the Bible answering a question in class. This is a big violation of the teacher guidelines and as the news goes out about what Grace has done she is called into the principals office where she has to withdraw what she said. She will not do so, and from there the road leads to the courtroom. Together with her lawyer played by Jesse Metcalfe they try to prove that she is innocent, and that she should have any right to quote a historical person like Jesus in class.

Her opponent in court is Pete Kane (played by Ray Wise) who does his uttermost to get Grace charged for quoting Jesus, and at the same time he aims at proving that Jesus is dead.

During the trial we meet famous Christian authors such as Mike Huckabee and Lee Strobel (defending the historical Jesus).

As I mentioned it is quite hard for me in Europe to imagine that any teacher could get in trouble for actually quoting the Bible in class, especially answering a question. Maybe it is very different in the United States, but the story of the movie is still moving and I had a great time watching it.

Is God’s Not Dead suitable for church groups?

My answer is without a doubt, Yes! Just like God’s Not Dead is perfect for yourh groups, house churches and similar gatherings of people, it successor is worth watching. The story is touching, it will grab a hold of your heart and it will also help people having a heard time defending their faith.

I do believe that even some non-Christians will enjoy watching this film, so do not be afraid to show it at home even with some non-believers coming over to watch with you.

Is God’s Not Dead 2 as good as God’s Not Dead?

Personally the first movie got an ever bigger grip on me. The second movie was great to watch as well, but for some reason I probably would watch the original movie again before I would watch God’s Not Dead 2 again. But, if I had to watch one Christian movie over again then I would probably watch War Room before I watched God’s Not Dead (1 or 2).

Isn’t it great that we have several Christian movies with encouraging messages to choose from? It is only natural that some of us enjoy one movie over another. But, we should be grateful to God that we have got such fantastic productions to choose from!

Do not be fooled… even though God’s Not Dead 2 has a rotten score at Rotten Tomatoes doesn’t make it a rotten film. Watch it for yourself and be surprised!

Where can you watch God’s Not Dead 2 online?

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, hurry up and watch it. It is totally worth it. But, where to watch it? Here are some suggestions!

  • Do you have an Android tablet or phone? Visit Google Play Store (for movies) and search for the film. Rent it or buy it there.
  • If you have an Apple device search for God’s Not Dead 2 in the Apple Store and start watching right away!
  • Go to Amazon.com and buy the movie there and watch it instantly as an Amazon Instant Movie. If you are located outside the United States I suggest that you use Google Play or Apple Store instead to get access to the movie instantly.

Have you seen God’s Not Dead 2? Did you like it? Why not write down your thoughts in the comment field beneath. I would love to hear what you think of the movie.

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