An Unconditional review

Unconditional review
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I like watching all sorts of films, but there is nothing like a good Christian film. Recently I watched Unconditional from 2012, and here is my Unconditional review.

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I did not know to much about Unconditional before I started watching, but I thought that this would be a Christian production about unconditional love in some way or another. As soon as I started watching the film I realized that the actors from the typical Christian films were missing, and instead these were actors that I have seen in other non-Christian Hollywood films earlier. Based on this I quite quickly realized that this was not actually made to be a Christian production, but a worldly film, with some good morale and values. But, is this a good film for Christians? Can Unconditional be shown at a service in a church? Or should you show War Room, Woodlawn or maybe Grace Unplugged instead?

Unconditional review

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An Unconditional review

Unconditional is not a harmless film for the smallest children, so this is a film suitable for people at youth group age or older. We meet a girl named Samantha Crawford played by Lynn Collines who want to end her own life. After her husband was killed she has not been able to live on, but instead she is dead on her inside and barely alive on her outside. She then witnesses an accident and that is how she gets in contact with a childhood friend named Joe Bradford, played by Michael Ealy. His life has changed a lot since then and he is doing a fantastic work among children, encouraging, helping and teaching them. Samantha is brought into this world, but at the same time she is drawn closer to the one who killed her husband.

I will not write more about the story in itself, I do not want to spoil it all after all.

Is Unconditional a Christian film?

In a way I would like to say that I do not care. If you look upon the production in itself I would say no. If I look on the overall content in the film I would say no. But, there is without a doubt lots of Christian values in the film and there are a few places in the film when we see gospel truths shared. So if you ask me if Unconditional is a Christian film I would say kind of yes and kind of no. But, maybe that is what is brilliant about it, because you actually get the gospel shared kind of, without actually being taught it like you experience far more in the very proud Christian productions like War Room and Do You Believe. And let me tell you one thing, this is a far more edifying film than 99,5% of all films out there in the world, so I would not at all be afraid to show it to a youth group or in a house church.

What can be said for sure about Unconditional is that it has great values to it and also encourages its viewers to make a change in the world in some way or another. We get inspired to this listen to the stories and watching Joe Bradford, but also as we get to know the husband of Samatha in a closer way throughout the film as we get glimpses from their lives together.

The Unconditional trailer

Curious about the film? Here you can take a look at the Unconditional trailer.

Conclusion of my Unconditional review

I can warmly recommend the film and believe that you will be able to enjoy it as well. It did not turn into a personal favorite for me, so if I was to watch a film once again I would probably watch War Room instead, but if you want a film with great values and a story that will catch ones attention, Unconditional can be recommended.

Have you seen Unconditional? Please write your very own Unconditional review in the comment field. It does not need to be long, but just a few lines to tell me how you liked the film!

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