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Grace Unplugged review
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Yesterday I finished reading Eve and wrote my review, and this night I could not sleep for different reasons so I ended up watching Grace Unplugged on Netflix instead. I had heard about the film and seen the trailer before, so I was glad I finally got the chance to actually watch the film. Here you have my Grace Unplugged review.

Grace Unplugged review

Grace Unplugged is not really a Christian production like films such as War Room, Courageous and God’s Not Dead, but after watching it I must say that it can still be considered a Christian film which is safe to show in youth groups or on different church gatherings.

In Grace Unplugged we meet Grace Trey, a young girl with a beautiful voice and extravagant talent. She frequently plays in church together with her father, a former punk star who later turned to God and started to lead worship instead. The only problem is that Grace Trey longs for more, and her biggest desire is to become a big star, and that seems to be more important to her than following God. The consequence is small lies and what seems like a revolt against her parents, and especially against her dad. One day she takes her destiny in her own hands as her fathers former manager comes to town, of course against the will of her father. She gets her chance at becoming a big star, but things are not always as easy as she had believed, and it also surprise her how much is done simply to get publicity.

This is a typical film for teenagers, or for parents of teenager, and you will probably be able to identify with some of the characters in the film easily as the topics of parenthood, sin and compromise can be seen throughout the film.

Did I like Grace Unplugged?

It can be seen on the film that it is not the most expensive Hollywood production, but with a quite famous actor as James Denton (from Desperate Housewives) this is still far better than most similar productions. I could for sure relate to the story and I would absolutely consider showing this in youth group if I was a youth leader. I would also consider showing it to parents who have lots of worries because their children do not obey their words and rather oppose them and walk their own ways instead.

There were several moments throughout the film when I felt like crying, probably the result of me as a parent always wanting my children to walk on the way of righteousness and live closely to God, and of course to me as a parent!

In other words, I really enjoyed the film and I can warmly recommend it to anyone who wants to see a film with great values, some nice (worship) music and in the film you can even see Chris Tomlin drop by (was this his first film appearance ever?).

What does your Grace Unplugged review sound like?

If you have seen the film, please write your thoughts in the comment film and let both me and my readers hear how you liked the film.


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