My little Do You Believe review

Do You Believe review
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Not long ago I watched Grace Unplugged and wrote a short review of that film and now I just finished watching Do You Believe?. Here I will wrap up my thoughts around the film, so keep on reading for my little Do You Believe review.

Do You Believe? is a film produced by Pure Flix Entertainment, a producer I do like because they create great Christian movies with good values and good messages. It was released in March 2015 and was given out on DVD in August 2015. Now it can also be seen on Netflix and that is how I watched it. If you did not know it Pure Flix is also the company behind God’s Not Dead, a film I really liked, and that was so successful that God’s Not Dead 2 will come to cinemas in the spring of 2016.

Do You Believe review

Do You Believe review

In Do You Believe? we meet a pastor who meets a street evangelist who makes him think about the cross of Christ. If he died for us and if we believe, how does that impact our lives? Without deeds our faith is after all dead.

This leads him to a sermon that will greatly impact himself, but not only him, but people in his church. This is when we meet different people and throughout the film we will see how the message of the cross influence their lives. It is almost impossible to watch this film without identifying yourself with some of the characters. Maybe you are the old couple grieving because of someone you lost and living in the past, maybe you are a criminal running for God, maybe you live on the streets looking for love,or maybe you have such wounds in the past that you feel like ending your life. We meet all these and other stories in the film, and of course the message about how the message of the cross challenge them and in some situations also change lives.

I really did like the film and this can easily be watched in church gathering or in homes. It is a bit to scary for the smallest children, but for those at age 15 or more, this can be watched without any problem.

For some reason this is not at all my favorite Christian film, I am not really sure why, maybe I felt as if the end was too Hollywood, or maybe I felt as if this was a bit too much of everything simply falling in place. I do believe everything will end up in a perfect way, but that is first when we get to heaven, here on earth we will struggle, a bit at least! It feels strange writing this, because the film is full of struggle and people having a tough time, but still… Watch the film yourself, and maybe you will understand what I mean, or maybe not! Please write a comment if you agree, disagree or have some other thoughts you would like to share about the film!

If you want to watch the film you can also buy it on DVD or watch it as an Instant Video on using the link above!

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