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Woodlawn review 2015
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Woodlawn reviewI am a big fan of a good film and recently I have seen quite a lot of them. One of the last films I saw was Woodlawn, a film made by Pure Flix, and here you can read my Woodlawn review.

I recently wrote an article about Selma, a film which I had a hard time watching because it is based on a true story and because it is a tough film to watch. I have also written about Do you believe which is a Pure Flix production telling the story of how believing should and have to impact our lives. And now I have watched Woodlawn, and the reason for me mentioning Selma and Do You Believe before I start writing about Woodlawn is because I felt like if Woodlawn actually was a mixture of Selma and Do You Believe.

The story of Woodlawn

Woodlawn is based on a true story. It tells us about the american footballer Tony Nathan who had a fantastic talent, but one problem, his skin color. He attended Woodlawn High School in Birmingham, Alabama, and being a black was not easy during his days. The High School and the entire city often suffered from fights between whites and blacks, but with a Jesus Revolution movement rising in the USA the spirit of God is about to move in Birmingham as well. Sean Astin (whom we know from the Lord of the Rings) plays the role as a preacher asking for a few minutes from the coach for the football team to share the message of Jesus with them. He gets the chance and this sets the foundation for a new time both within the football team, but also in the school and in the city. In addition to Sean Astin you can also watch famous actors such as Jon Voight and Nic Bishop in Woodlawn.

Woodlawn review 2015

How did I enjoy Woodlawn myself?

I always like such films as this done and I did have a good time watching it. I find it hard to see when people suffer because of their skin color, but at the same time it touches my heart whenever I see hatred changed to love in the hearts of people as a consequence of them experiencing the love of Jesus and his forgiveness. I could see all of this and much more in Woodlawn. I wrote earlier in my Woodlawn review that it felt to me as a mixture between Do you believe and Selma, and if I would add one more film to that list I would add Faith Like Giants.

When I watch a film or read a book I am seldom watching to actually find things I do not like, so normally I do not find them. I did not find such things in Woodlawn either, but for some reason I have seen many films keeping my attention to a much higher degree than Woodlawn. I do not know why, but for some reason this film did not become a personal favorite that I will remember for a long time and watch again. I could show it to a youth group (if I had one), but there are other films I would prefer to Woodlawn, for example Faith Like Giants, Do you believe and Selma.

Conclusion of my Woodlawn review

This is a great film and it tells us a story of how the love of God can change a team, a school and a city. It tells us the story of how God entrusts us with talents that he wants us to use for his glory. You will most likely be both inspired and challenged as you watch Woodlawn, so if you have not seen it yet, go ahead and watch it!

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