URL embedding does not work in Wordpress 4.4 – Why?


WordPress 4.4 has just been released and one of the big news in this version is the chance to embed URLs in an article. In other words, once you copy an address into your article and press enter, the address will turn into an embedded frame showing information about the URL, the featured image and an excerpt.

Recently I wrote an article on the same in my Norwegian blog and right now I will type the address of that blog post into this blog post here and press enter, and this is what will happen! http://www.netthjelp.eu/automatisk-visning-av-lenker-i-wordpress-nytt-i-wordpress-4-4/

Well, nothing happened? What was wrong? These are possible errors:

  • Is your current site updated to WordPress 4.4?
  • Is the site you are referring to running WordPress 4.4?
  • Also, you need to enter the address as a new sentence on a new line, and press enter afterwards.

Let me try again following these instructions and now I will start a new sentence and copy the address of the blog post.

Automatisk visning av lenker i WordPress – Nytt i WordPress 4.4

That looks better, doesn’t it? So, the most important is that both your blog and the blog you are referring to needs to be running with WordPress 4.4 (or newer). You also need to type or copy the URL to a new line in your visual editor. If you do not want to have the embed of the address then you simply add some more text behind the link instead of pressing enter, or just skip typing the address all by itself on a new line and then to press enter.

If you totally hate this new version available in WordPress 4.4 then you can also install the WordPress plugin Disable embeds.

Have this article helped you? Do you have further questions or maybe some other thoughts you would like to share? Just write a comment!

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