Keyboard suddenly not working in Firefox – Thunderbird

Suddenly my keyboard stopped working in Firefox

Yesterday I got a problem that I could not really explain. Just out of the blue my keyboard stopped working in Mozilla Firefox and in Mozilla Thunderbird. Luckily I have more browsers on my computer ready, so I just tested the keyboard in other applications and noticed that I could use those. In other words, the keyboard did not work in Firefox and Mozilla applications, but worked fine in all others.

Suddenly my keyboard stopped working in Firefox

Suddenly my keyboard stopped working in Firefox

I did not panic, but I really wanted to find a solution to the problem. I looked around on the net, but did not find the best explanations, but I read somewhere that it might be due to some updates that my computer is trying to install, so the solution would therefor be to restart my computer, and once restarted the problem would be solved.

So I restarted my computer and guess what? I am currently using Firefox writing this blog post and I am fully able to use the keyboard in Firefox and Thunderbird again. The problem therefore actually seems to have been the fact that some updates made to Windows was causing this problem, but once the updates were properly installed, the problem disappeared.

Have you experienced a similar problem? Did you manage to solve the problem in the same way as I did, or have you done something differently?

Wish you good luck, and if this article has helped you, please write a comment and let me know!

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