I need to be living for more than myself!


Living for more than myselfLife can be real busy at times, and when you run a business, a blog or other projects you will often find yourself very focused doing your own business all the time. It is very good to be concentrated on your task, but watch out so that your life does not only speak about yourself and your business. I need to be living for more than myself and so do you!

We all want to live our lives to the max, but there it is easy to misunderstand what a life liven to the max is about. Often we tend to believe that if I get all the money I need (and much more) and if my family is fine, then everything is great. However there comes a time in life when you look for further purpose. It isn’t necessarily about that I want to achieve more, but it is about the fact that I want my life to matter. I want my life to influence and impact the people around me. I want my life to put a mark on history. I want to be living for more than myself.

Purpose driven life

Rick Warren’s book Purpose Driven Life was and still is a major success. Why? We all want to live with a purpose and to live for something higher than ourselves. Later he wrote the book Purpose Driven Church using the same basic thought, purpose! We long for purpose and we need purpose. If you live your life with only yourself and your own business in focus, it will lack something. We are called to live for a higher purpose, and that is why you need to have a vision for your life and for your business. You should also attend a church driven with a purpose. It is easy to attend a church where all I do is to sing some songs, listen to some teaching and then go home and life goes on as normal. However, the church has a purpose. It has a calling and it should have a vision.

Living for more than myself – everything else is boring!

Life without vision and purpose will turn boring, but life with vision and purpose is exciting! It isn’t always easy, as it is challenging and it often leads me out of my comfort zone as I live for a higher purpose and for others, but at the end of the day and not at least on the day when I stand in front of the Almighty God to answer for my life, I will for sure be glad that I chose the tougher way and live for a purpose higher than my own!

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