Walking in unity

Inspirational Monday

Yesterday in church one of the pastors spoke about walking in unity for a minute or two. As our church is preparing for a conference later this summer, all members get a daily email with teaching preparing them for the conference.

I have received those emails myself for a couple of days, but did not really read them. Yesterday however I understood the power of the entire concept!

UnityThe church is the body of Christ, both globally and locally. Unfortunately most churches look more like lots of bodies running in different directions, however the real power is revealed as the body of Christ move together in one direction. That is why it is such power in a concept such as this forty day email teaching concept we have in our church at the moment, if we all take it seriously. If we do, it will mean that the entire church read the same stuff, think about the same stuff, pray over the same matters and somehow walk in the same direction. Of course we do different things during the day, but in our minds there is still a unity and a knowledge that we have the same goal and vision.

The power of unity

We often forget the power of unity and the power hidden in a people walking in the same direction. One of the greatest examples of this can be found in the Bible, when it was used in a bad way. In the book of Genesis we can read about the tower of Babel. Just read this exceptional verse in Genesis 11:6

[stextbox id=”custom”]The LORD said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.[/stextbox]

The people built the tower of Babel and God knew that if they had unity, nothing would be impossible for them. Can you imagine the power in this verse, if used for good and if lived out in the local churches around the world?

Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel

The tower of Babel proves the effectiveness of unity

How can we reach such a unity?

I guess it starts with prayer and a conviction from God. If we deep in our hearts understand our need for unity, it will turn into a passion and something that we are willing to fight for, pray about and later make us willing to compromise certain things in order for peace, order and unity to remain. I realize that the word compromise often is loaded with negativity, but when I speak of compromise it is not about compromising our faith, but about letting go of certain habits and rituals that stand in the way for new things that God is about to make.

Unity in business

The principles God has given us are not only true in church life, but also in business life. A business with employees all walking in different directions will never reach the goals of the leadership. It is important to have different qualities and personalities in a crew working together, but this will only turn into a successful team if they all put their talents and gifts together to reach one final destination!

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