What do I see on the picture as I start Windows 10? What city, landscape? How to find out!

I saw this picture as I logged in to Windows 10. Is it from Scotland?
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Have you seen a beautiful image as you start Windows 10 before you see your login screen. Do you wonder what you see on the picture? How to find out!

Every time I start Windows 10 I get to see some beautiful picture from a famous landmark, a beautiful landscape or something else. It is always great to see this pictures, and one of my favorites is a beautiful picture from Forum in Rome. But, a few days ago I saw a beautiful landscape picture and thought that it might be portraying some place in Scotland. But, I did not know whether I was right or not. That is when I asked myself, what am I actually seeing on this picture in Windows 10? I have asked myself the same question earlier as well, but this time I decided to get to the bottom of everything.

I saw this picture as I logged in to Windows 10. Is it from Scotland?

I saw this picture as I logged in to Windows 10. Is it from Scotland?

Now it is very annoying with unanswered questions, so I started to Google the topic to find out what I actually saw on the Windows 10 login page in the background. To my great surprise there was no topic at all that covered this. I found lots of other information about where the picture was stored on my actual hard drive, but none gave me an answer on how I could find out what the picture actually portrayed. That is when I came up with an idea myself.

Windows 10 start-up picture – What do I actually see?

In TV series and in movies they always use image recognition tools to discover the identity of people. I thought maybe that would be the solution for me as well. Based on that I did as follows:

  1. When I start Windows 10 and see the beautiful background image I press Print Screen (PrtScr). This make a copy of the image I actually see and stores it in the cache of the computer.
  2. Once Windows 10 has started I open a photo editor (I personally use PhotoFiltre, but you can use any other similar program as well). There I paste what I copied as a new image and save it to my hard drive.
  3. I now visited a site named TinEye. There I uploaded the image and at once I got much more information about the picture I uploaded.
  4. Based on the information I got after the search I found out exactly what I saw on the Windows start up screen.

What did I see on my Windows start up screen.

As I uploaded the picture above I saw the following results on TinEye.

tineye image recognition windows startup screen

Take a look at the third result and the file name

There were loads of other results, but if you look at the filename about then you see Lake Wanaka, and that the image was published in an article about New Zealand. In the same way I looked through even more results, and they all agreed on the fact that the image had nothing to do with Scotland, but instead it portrayed the magnificent Lake Wanaka in New Zealand which I would love to visit after watching this and lots of other beautiful images.

Do you have a Windows start up image that you would like to find out more about? Follow the instructions about and give it a try. I am sure that you will get much wiser as you follow these steps. Have you succeeded recognizing what you see on the Windows 10 start up screen using these instructions? I would love to hear from you.

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  1. This looks complicated, even though I know it shouldn’t be. I had the same trouble and wanted to find out what was shown to me in the Windows startup screen, and I managed to find out, but it took me so much time that I was exhausted by the time I found out what I saw portrayed at the image.

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