Can Hungary surprise in Euro 2020?


We are only two days from the start of the European Championship in football, also known as Euro 2020. The name is quite strange, knowing that it is 2021, but I guess COVID has changed more than just the way we live, it has also changed how and when sports events are arranged. After all, Euro 2020 isn’t the only big event that will be arranged in 2021 instead of 2020… in fact, Tokyo 2020 (the Summer Olympics) is actually an even bigger event.

Hungary is normally doing very well during the Summer Olympics, and they are normally among the top 20 nations when it comes to gold medals. During the Summer Olympics in London in 2012, Hungary actually managed to be among the top ten nations because they won a lot of gold medals, especially in the swimming sports.

hungary in euro 2020

Hungary isn’t left much chance in Euro 2020

Hungary wasn’t left much chance before the European Championship in football in 2016. They were to play in the same group as Austria, Iceland, and Portugal, and most people expected Hungary to end up on the last place in the group. It all started in a funny way, because Hungary managed to win the opening match 2-0 against Austria. I also remember the topic which said that the least dangerous striker in Euro 2016 scored the first goal, Adam Szalai.

Well, guess what, Adam Szalai is still around, and he will for sure be in the starting 11 for the Hungarian team against Portugal on June 15th.

After winning 2-0 against Austria in the opening match, Hungary continued with a 1-1 against Iceland, before they played what might have been the most amusing match throughout the entire tournament as they played 3-3 against Portugal. When all matches were played, Hungary actually won their group, in front of Portugal (who later ended up winning the entire tournament). Hungary, however, had to play against Belgium in the first leg of the knockout stage, and they lost that match 4-0.

But, what about Euro 2020?

This time they will play against Portugal once again. But, they will not only play against Portugal. This time they will also play against France and Germany. If there is such as thing as a death group, this has got to be it. And that is not because of Hungary!

Germany, France, and Portugal are all nations that many people expect to win the tournament. Now they are all in the same group and one of them will not even get to the knockout stage. Well, if Hungary will do a miracle, then only one of the teams will get to the knockout stage. But, will Hungary have a chance against these football super-powers?

To be honest, I don’t think Hungary has a chance… but then again, they do!

Football is turning into a harder and harder sport. The difference between the best nations and the average nations are smaller, and that is why we have often seen countries such as Spain, Portugal, France, and Germany fight like beasts to beat countries such as Georgia, Luxermbourg, Faroe Islands, and…. Hungary!

I really do believe that Hungary can manage to grab some points during the tournament, but I do have my doubts about whether or not they will be able to do so in several matches in a row. I really hope so, but I fear that the opponents simply will be too strong. Just look at the French squad… they have 6-7 strikers way more worth than the entire Hungarian squad. Mbappe, Griezmann, Dembele, Coman, Benzema, and Giroud… Need I say more?

Of course, the French squad is most likely the best of all the squads in the entire tournament. But, Portugal with Pepe, Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandes, and several other stars don’t look exactly weak either?

If any team should be weak, it is Germany. But, if the Germans get going, then I believe they will be very hard to stop, even for France and Portugal.

When will Hungary play?
You can find a full schedule for the European Championship right here. But, to tell you as well… Hungary will play against Portugal on June 15th, against France on June 19th, and against Germany on June 23rd. The first two matches will be played in Budapest, while the last match will be played in Munich.

What is the conclusion?

I do hope that Hungary will become a hard opponent and that they will be able to grab some points… but to be honest, I fear that they might end the tournament with either 0 or 1 point.

What do you think?

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