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A Mailboxde review

Recently I ordered and tried a Fire Tablet from Amazon in Germany, but since they do not send such tablets to my nation I decided to use a service named Mailboxde to forward this package sent from Amazon to me in Hungary! So, how did it work? Was I satisfied? Here is my short Mailboxde

Some thoughts on evangelism on the Internet

There is something I have been thinking about a lot lately, and that is evangelism on the Internet. For a long time churches and people in general have been thinking of evangelism as something that is done on the streets, handing out booklets or showing the love of God through social kindness. However, I believe

Business and ministry or full time ministry?

It can be a real challenge when working with church ministry and evangelism to decide whether you should work as a full time minister, or if you should do some business and have a „secular” job next to your „sacred” work. The reason why I type „secular” and not secular, is that I do believe

Google Affiliate Network (GAN) closes up

As a webmaster and blogger you are always out there looking for great and effective ways to earn money on your websites. Not long ago I joined the Google Affiliate Network, and 50 minutes ago I received the following email from GAN (Google Affiliate Network). For some people this might hit hard on their business