Single’s day – Do your Chinese shopping today!

Shopping from China

Shopping from ChinaDo you want to buy some products from China? If that is so, then you should absolutely consider doing your shopping today, because today Single’s Day is celebrated in China, and because of giant sales this has turned into the biggest shopping day in the world every year!

If you have never shopped from Alibaba or Ali Express before, then you should do so today. On November 11th you can buy telephones at almost 50% of normal price and a lot of other goods and effects made in China. Normally they are cheap, but on November 11th they are even cheaper than normally.

If you would rather buy something brilliant with fantastic quality and taste, then you should maybe consider buying some organic coffee or tea instead, but you can read more about that here.

If you consider buying a cell phone made in China, then you can read more about mobile phones made in China and their quality in my articles which I wrote last year after buying three different Chinese phones just to check their quality and out of curiosity. Have fun and enjoy single’s day, and if you have any experience that you want to share, just go for it and write a comment!


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