What is inside the Organo Gold distributor kit?

Organo Gold distributor kit
Organo Gold

Are you considering becoming an Organo Gold distributor? Or are you at least considering buying the distributor kit so that you can start buying products at distributor prices. But, now you are wondering what can be found inside the Organo Gold distributor kit and if it is worth the price?

I just got my own distributor kit (starter pack) today and here you can see the box.

Organo Gold distributor kit

This is what the distributor kit looks like on the outside!

The box is nice, but not worth so much in itself. Once you open it you will see some descriptions on the inside of the box telling you how to become a successful distributor and you will find the more interesting thing, the black leather box. Folded it is bigger than an A4 paper and unfolded it is of course twice as big. On the inside you can find information brochures about Organo Gold and you will find some papers that you can write on and to write you will need a pen, so an Organo Gold pen can also be found on the inside.

If you like it, then an Organo Gold pin can also be found inside the container, meaning that you can proudly wear the pin on your shirt or elsewhere if you want to.

So far these stuff do not sound that interesting, but the thing with actual value inside the distributor kit is the different products. It is said that what is inside the distributor kit can vary from nation to nation, but at least this is what the inside of the leather container looked like as I received the Organo Gold distributor kit.

A picture from the Organo Gold Distributor kit

Organo Gold distributor kit tests and samples

This is what can be found on the inside of the Organo Gold distributor kit

As you can see there are totally 12 product samples found inside the distributor kit. In my case I got 3 bags of Gourmet Hot Chocolate, 3 bags of Gourmet Cafe Mocha, 3 bags of Gourmet Cafe Latte and 3 bags of Gourmet Black Coffee.

That ain’t that bad at all, because if we do some simple mathematics these 12 bags in fact have quite a big value.

  • 3 bags of hot chocolate if you would buy them at retail price would cost you about 6-7 Euro.
  • 3 bags of cafe latte would cost you 4-5 Euro
  • 3 bags of cafe mocha would cost you 6-7 Euro
  • 3 bags of black coffee would cost you 3 Euro

In other words the product samples you get inside the distributor kit are themselves worth about 20 Euro, meaning that you get to taste these products yourself and at once buy products at distributor prices, meaning that if you buy any two boxes of coffee or tea together with the distributor kit you will already start saving money compared to buying at full retail prices.

If you decide to buy a bronze, silver or gold package in addition you will of course pay more, but do not forget that you do not actually need to buy any of these packages to be able to buy from Organo Gold at distributor prices.

I hope this article helped you out. If you want to get started with Organo Gold and buy your Organo Gold products and buy your distributor kit, simply visit the Organo Gold website (click the link beneath) and go for it! Lovely tea and coffee is about to enter your home within a few days!

  • Create an Organo Gold account and start shopping!

As you click the link above you will be able to sign up as a retail customer or as a distributor for Organo Gold. I will be set as your sponser (you need a sponsor to sign up), so I thank you already for joining and will do my best to help you in the future in case there should be anything I can help you with or if you have any questions!

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