Looking for a cheap unlimited cloud storage?

Amazon Cloud Drive

Are you looking for a cheap unlimited cloud storage? Looking for a place where you can store unlimited amount of documents, videos, photos and more? So was I a few weeks ago, but now I am not looking anymore.

Cheap unlimited cloud storage

As I surfed through lots of websites I did not really find something I was satisfied with. Most services either had a limit on 50 GB of storage or maybe 250 GB of storage, but I really wanted one with unlimited storage and with a nice price. That was when I suddenly realized that I had a great service already available included in my Amazon Prime subscription. Because, with your Amazon Prime subscription you actually get access to unlimited storage of photos at no extra cost. But, they do have a 5 GB limit on all other sorts of documents, so that was not enough for me.

However, Amazon do have a Cloud Storage with unlimited amount of storage space available and this service only cost 60 USD a year, which is far better than most other competitors on the net. That is why I decided to use the unlimited storage from Amazon and I am really satisfied.

What is so great about the cheap unlimited cloud storage from Amazon?

Amazon provides you with great clients and programs both for computers and mobile devices, meaning that you can automatically upload content for certain folders and make sure that your content is always safe in a cloud out there somewhere.

Have you tried the Amazon Cloud? Did you enjoy it and were you satisfied? I hope you were. If you have other recommendations or comments, just write as I would love to hear from you! So no need to bite your nails anymore because your photos and videos are safely stored in a cloud somewhere else. Relax, drink some coffee and have a wonderful day!


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