The day when everything went wrong


Tonight was the night when everything went wrong in the Premier League. Leicester lost against Liverpool, Manchester United lost against Stoke and Arsenal lost 4-0 against Southampton, a team that came to the match with 6 matches in a row without victory.

As the Gunners entered the stadium they knew that they would take over the lead in the Premier League with a victory against Southampton. But, that is not what happened, and instead the only team that can be said to be a winner tonight was Manchester City who after they won 4-1 against Sunderland grabbed in 3 points on Arsenal, making them now only 1 point behind Arsenal and 3 points behind Leicester in the lead.

But, congratulations to Southampton on their victory, congratulations to Liverpool on defeating Leicester and congratulations to Stoke on beating Manchester United. And who knows, maybe the loss for Manchester United is what will lead to Louis van Gaal finally leaving Manchester?

Tottenham seems to be going strong and Harry Kane is back on track, something that is good news in front of the upcoming Euro 2016 where he could turn into one of the much needed goalscorers for the England national team. And with tonight’s victory Tottenham advanced to the fourth place in Premier League, also passing by Crystal Palace who only managed to get a draw against Bournemouth.

Lots of great stuff happened in tonight’s Premier League round, and in two days there will be lots of great matches coming up. One of the most interesting matches will without a doubt be the match between Manchester United and Chelsea, two of the best Premier League teams playing the worst football in the entire league at the moment. If you want to watch the match online, read more as you click the link.

Arsenal will also get a new chance for a win as they welcome Bournemouth to the Emirates Stadium. But, Bournemouth has not lost in quite a lot of matches and might prove to be a harder opponent than expected. We look forward to the next round!

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