TV series like Grey’s Anatomy and ER

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Are you out there looking for TV series like Grey’s Anatomy and ER? There are for sure quite a lot of such TV series available, but a great new TV series like this was just launched by NBC and it is called Chicago Med.

TV series like ER and Greys Anatomy

There are quite a lot of series being produced in the Chicago series, so in the same way that Chicago Med has been made available you can also watch Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. But, if you are into TV series that has to do with life in a hospital and the lives of the people working in the hospital inside and outside the hospital, then you will probably enjoy Chicago Med quite a lot.

I was personally a big fan of both ER and Grey’s Anatomy for a long time and have watched lots of episodes in both of these series, and I can guarantee you that Chicago Med is quite similar to these. During the first episode I felt as if this might have a lower budget than ER and Grey’s Anatomy, but after watching a few episodes I realized that it was more the fact that it simply is a bit different and those differences made it look “cheaper” to me, but after watching those episodes I do feel as if this is 100% just as good as ER and Grey’s Anatomy, and now I am a fan of Chicago Med and try to watch new episodes as soon as they are made available.

New episodes of Chicago Med can easily be watched online. There are two ways in which you can watch Chicago Med online quite easily. The easiest and cheapest is to watch it on the NBC website. If you are located in the United States then you can watch Chicago Med episodes online for free, but if you are located in Europe or elsewhere, then you can follow the instructions at to find out how to watch NBC from abroad and watch Chicago Med episodes there for free.

If you want to watch Chicago Med in a different way and watch even more episodes than the amount available at the NBC website, then Hulu is the prime solution. Like with NBC you need to be in the USA for this to work, but if you are located somewhere else then you can find instructions on telling you how to watch Chicago Med on Hulu from all across the world.

Please write me a comment to tell me whether you liked Chicago Med or not. Is is just as good as Grey’s Anatomy and ER? Do you have other TV series like this that you would like to recommend to my readers? Just write a comment!


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