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There are lots of great matches to be played in the Premier League tomorrow, but maybe the highlight of them all is the match between Liverpool and Leicester. This is a completely open match, but maybe Leicester are small favorites?

After Jurgen Klopp came to Liverpool and to Anfield Road things seemed to improve a whole lot and they won quite some matches in a row. But, then events changed suddenly and now Liverpool has been loosing points in several matches in a row. Leicester however is still going strong and they are at the top of the Premier League at the moment. With a win against Liverpool they will remain safe at the top of the Premier League, but with a loss and an Arsenal win against Southampton in their match, the Gunners will take over the lead in the Premier League instead.

Watch Liverpool vs Leicester online

Do you want to watch the match between Liverpool and Leicester online? Read the instructions on watching the Premier League online and enjoy not only watching Liverpool vs Leicester online, but watch Bournemouth vs Crystal Palace, Arsenal vs Southampton and all the other Premier League matches as well!

Enjoy watching the match and may the best team win. And another question is whether or not James Vardy will be able to score again? Some people say that he has been like a balloon that is getting very big, but then it suddenly explodes and all power leaves. Is that what will happen with James Vardy as well, or will he keep going strong throughout the entire season and maybe all the way until Euro 2016 where he might turn into a player coach Hodgson will want to use?

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