Five mobile themes for Wordpress


A higher and higher percentage of people today surf the Internet using their mobile phones. Doing business or blogging on the Internet it is therefore extremely important to have mobile friendly websites.

Most people use the same website for mobile, tablet and computer users, while others decide to redirect mobile users to a site created especially for mobile users. If you use the first option then it is still important to use a responsive theme for your website. Such a theme will check out what the resolution of the visitor is, and based on that it will make your page suit their resolution. This is helpful and making it possible to avoid scrolling in all sorts of directions when mobile users visit your webpage.

WordPress theme for 100% mobile sites
If you instead of creating one site for mobiles, tables and computer, decide to go for a site especially made for mobile phones you will probably be glad to here that there are quite a lot of WordPress themes especially created to make beautiful sites especially for mobile phones. These themes normally have a bunch of great icons, it is easy to use and operate and will make visitors coming your way impressed by the beautiful and user friendliness of your mobile site.

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Metro Mobile theme
mobile wordpress themeThis is a very cool looking theme which is very mobile friendly and it looks very modern. It is possible to change the color templates, you can have front page loaded with icons, slider and other exciting stuff. It is also possible to create galleries, it is easy to follow you on Twitter, show you location on a map and with the metro theme people can contact you easily using contact forms. This is for sure one of the coolest mobile themes out there on the market.

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A more conservative mobile theme for WordPress
conservative mobile wordpressDu you want to get hold of a quite conservative mobile design, then this is the theme for you. It is almost boring, but if you want to have a website for mobiles giving your visitors just the information they are looking for, then this might be it. The theme has a typical image on the front page, a menu created for mobile phones and text or blogs posts beneath the image and the menu. If you are about to create a site with lots of teenager visitors, you should probably choose the metro mobile theme instead, but if your visitors are a bit older, then this might work as well.

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Nimble mobile theme
Nimble mobile themeThis isn’t a real 100% mobile theme, as this is a responsive theme, making it ideal for those using this as the one theme for all visitors. CSS-codes will check all visitors’ resolution, and based on that they will get a design beautiful and looking good now matter how big or small their resolution is. The creators of the theme has also included the languages files, which means that you can easily translate the Nimble theme to your own language translating the .po and .mo files.

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Mobit mobile theme
Mobit mobile themeThis as a theme perfect for those who want a theme looking very proffessional. The theme includes different color templates, making the theme easy adjustable. The language files are included, making it easy to translate the files using multilingual WordPress site plugins such as WPML or if you decide to translate them yourselves using for example PoEdit. You can easily add links to social media, upload videoes, create portfolios or other sites using the templates coming with the theme. This WordPress mobile theme has suport for devices with retina screens. In case of trouble, they have good user support.

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Rodin mobile theme
Rodin mobile themeThe Rodin theme created for WordPress and mobile sites has differetn color templates, it add links to social media sites at the top of your site, has space for a logo, a header image and it has a practical menu system. The theme has support added for Contact Form 7, it includes the language files, it lets you add your Twitter feed to the site and it has beautiful icons included in the theme. It looks beautiful on mobile phones, both standing and lying. If you decide to use this theme, your mobile site will look better than 95% of all other mobile sites out there on the market.

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In this article you could read about five mobile friendly WordPress themes. If you plan on creating a mobile version of your website, one of these themes will hopefully help you create a site that will stand out in the crowd. After all it is extremely important to have a mobile friendly site in days like these, when more and more people surf the Internet for their mobile devices. Enjoy and good luck creating your site!

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