Seven travel Wordpress themes


Are you in need of a travel WordPress theme? There are quite a lot of travel WordPress themes out there, and we have gathered some of the best travel related themes. Hopefully one of these will suit you well.

There are different reasons for getting a travel related WordPress theme. If you are a hotel owner you will want to get hold of a beautiful theme to show the beauties of your hotel and make it possible to book a room and get in contact with you easily.

If you create some sort of a destination guide you will want to have space for maps, pictures and of course lots of information, in addition to possibility to book programs and activities.

Maybe you are a blogger out on a big travel and you want to blog from every single destination. If that is you, there are some travel WordPress themes which should suit you perfectly, making it possible to connect your posts to destinations and then people can look on a map and thus find your post related to that specific destination.

Seven travel related WordPress themes

Travel - Photo blogger theme
This theme is the perfect for photo bloggers. At the colorful front page it is possible to see lots of different pictures, and of course you can have some small menus with text as well. People who visit blogs using this theme will be impressed by all the colors and attracted by the beautiful images (hopefully) published!

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Destination Guide WordPress Theme
Destination Guide WordPress Theme
The WordPress theme GeoPlaces is ideal if you want to create a website about a certain city or an area. Here you can add information about restaurants, hotels, activities, attractions and similar cool stuff and people will find information from the map. Since people are very interested in finding interesting places near their hotel, this will make it easy for them to get an overview and be inspired to discover the areas in which they live.

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Hotel booking theme
Hotel booking WordPress theme
Are you the owner of a hotel and want to get online as soon as possible? The hotel booking theme is ideal, as it gives you a beautiful framework for building up your hotel site. This travel template gives you the chance to let people book and reserve rooms online, lets you share pictures, add a blog and create something that will give a boost to your business.

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A nice hotel WordPress theme
Wordpress hotel theme
If you are planning to make your hotel website available in several languages, the nice hotel WordPress theme might be ideal. It has implemented support for WPML (multilingual WordPress site), it is easy to keep the site looking good with pictures, an updated blog and makes it easy for guests to share their positive feedback and reviews.

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Travel - explorable WordPress
This theme has a beautiful design and lots of opportunities. Add information about attractions, sights and tours at different destinations and let people search and find the information they are looking for. This travel WordPress theme has support for beautiful galleries, contact forms, itt will easily password protect areas of your site and thus create a login form for those who have not logged into your site. The theme also has a beautiful slider, sitemap, and lots of shortcodes included. The theme is of course mobile friendly (responsive). Worth a try!

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Travel Agency template
Travel Agency WordPress Template
If you are a travel agency who desire to sell as many tours as possible, you need a site where people easily can get an overview of your tours and prices. In this travel agency template visitors can easily search your available tours, search within a range of prices and watch beautiful pictures from galleries. This theme also let you add links to social media sites of yours to the header. Warmly recommended!

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Vacation Rental
Vacation home WordPress theme
This theme is ideal for those who have a flat or some vacation home they want to make available for tourists. The design is conservative, yet beautiful, and visitors will be attracted to read more as they bump into a site using this design and WordPress template. The template lets you easily add an availability calendar, add a Twitter feed to your site and if you want to you can even have your own little shop added to this theme easily.

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We hope one of the mentioned six travel WordPress themes will suit you are your needs. If you feel like something is missing, please write a comment and share your insight. If you are looking for other sorts of WordPress themes, read our other posts in the WordPress Themes category.

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