God’s way of selecting workers


You are qualified for the work of GodThere is something so brilliant, comforting and encouraging when it comes to God’s way of selecting workers. He see’s much more than any human eye can see, and he can turn what is despised in the eyes of men, to something people admire and look up to.

We live in a world where we constantly keep comparing ourselves to our surroundings. How good is my education compared to the people around me? Is my experience good enough compared to the rest of the people applying the the same job as me? God’s word is so refreshing and so encouraging, because we can all know that we are called by God, and he has such a special way of selecting people for his tasks.

God’s way of selecting workers

[stextbox id=”info”](God) Who has saved us and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace which was granted us in. (2 Timothy 1:9)[/stextbox]

God knows every single part of you, even the amount of hair on your head. He holds you in his palm and he knows exactly what you are capable of. He doesn’t need any impressing CV or references to let you join his work. He doesn’t need to give you a three month „test period” before giving you the job. He knows you, and according to his purpose and grace, he has called you. All you need to do is to accept his calling, accept his grace and go for it!

It might seem terrifying, because in your own eyes you might not even feel qualified. After all, you do not have the „papers” qualifying you for the job. However, God will give you whatever skill and knowledge that you need for the job, so you just accept God’s grace and accept that he has a way for you, and that you are here on earth with a purpose!

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