Time to remain paralyzed or time to move on?

Inspirational Monday

Not satisfied with your life the way it is today? Who do you blame for it? Hopefully yourself, because if not, it might be hard to change it!

blaming your surroundings

Who are you blaming?

Are you one of those fighting day in and day out, but you never seem to be really satisfied? It is so easy to blame our circumstances for our lack of joy. I am not happy, because my boss is always treating me like junk. I lack joy, because my wife never gives me the honor I deserve. I am angry, because my surroundings doesn’t appreciate the job I do. I am a failure, because none has ever taught me how to be a success?

There are so many stories and feelings similar those described earlier, and if you feel in the same way, keep on reading!

Do not let surroundings paralyze you

There is an interesting story in the Bible in John chapter 5. Lots of sick people are gathered around a sort of pool named Bethesda. Once in a while an angel of God stirs up the water, and the first ot enter into the water after the water is stirred up, is healed. Once Jesus walks to the pool and he starts speaking to a man who has been there for 38 years. He asks if the man wants to be healed, but the man tells him that due to his problems he never get first into the pool, because he has none there to help him. Jesus however does not carry the man into the pool the next time an angel stirs up the water. He simply tells the man to rise and walk. The man obeys and he is healed right there and then.

Expect help from God, not from your surroundings

paralyzed or moving onI believe it is time for many of us to expect help from God and not from our surroundings. Instead of sitting paralyzed and waiting for the people around you to solve your problems, expect help from God and start getting the job done! Instead of speaking of yourself as a failure and blaming your teachers or lack of teachers for making you one, do some courses online, borrow some books in the library, apply for a university and start making a change yourself. When you have questions, look for answers on the Internet, ask your questions in forums or find a teacher who can answer your questions and then go back home and study on your own again.

If you blame your family for making you unhappy, turn the dice around and do your uttermost to make them happy. You know that those who encourage others will be encouraged themselves!

I remember a commercial from my childhood where they said: „If the mountain will not come to you, you go to the mountain.” Instead of sitting at home complaining about not having a job, or not having enough to do, start doing some work yourself. Make sure that you stand on more than one leg. If you do business online, do not complain and wait for the orders to arrive. Start blogging, visit similar websites to your own, get inspired, learn strategies, develop your own website, work on your SEO, make sure you have the happiest customers on earth and until the work comes to you, you go to the work.

If you keep blaming your surroundings, you will remain paralyzed and not move on!
If you start looking to Jesus and move in the right direction, you are about to see some major changes in your life!

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