Accuse or excuse

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I know that most of my readers are perfect people who never do any mistakes, but if you should ever make one, what are you doing then? Are you trying to hide your mistakes and failures or do you bring them to the light and ask the people suffering for forgiveness?

accuse or excuseA very typical thing to do when making a mistake is to try to hide it. Instead of admitting our errors, we do something interesting, we start accusing the people around us. Instead of admitting to my wife that I forgot to do what she told me to do, I accuse her for giving me to much tasks. Instead of telling my boss that I didn’t finish on time, I accuse him of giving me to much work and start speaking bad about him behind his back. Recoqnize the pattern? We accuse to excuse, or in other words, we accuse instead of excusing ourselves for the mistakes we do.

There is a very similar story in the Bible where the Hanun makes a bad decision and instead of asking for forgiveness from David, he instead accuses him and attacks him. In the end he suffers greatly from his mistake, much more than if he would have simply said some magic words named „Forgive me.”

Should a leader admit mistakes?

Many people think that admitting mistakes will make us look weaker and make us worse leaders. However, if you think about it, everyone knows that a leader is not a perfect person, and if you want to have a good relationship with your workers, you better be grown up enough to admit mistakes and ask for forgiveness where it needs to be asked for. People learn from the examples of leaders around them, so if you want the people around you to forgive instead of accusing, then you better show the right example yourself.

Gods grace and admitting mistakes

Do not forget that Gods grace can only life you up from the clay, when you admit your sin. God will not help you hide your mistakes. He want you to give reveal them to him, and then the blood of Christ will cover them. And as we meet the grace of God, then we will experience how his grace is enough and see that it is only his grace that has brought us to where we are, and it is not by ourselves!

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