How to automatically post to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus when updating your blog?

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If you have several websites with lots of different social media profiles it can turn into a nightmare to keep the social sites of all those different websites updated. That is why it can be really useful to automatically update and send blog posts to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus once published. How to do it?

TwitterFeedThere are some tools you can use that will partly help you with this matter. One service you can use is called TwitterFeed, and if you use it they will help you automatically post to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. However Google Plus is not compatible with TwitterFeed, so they let you update your social Google Plus profile yourself.

We have used TwitterFeed ourselves and it works great, except from the fact that login is extremely slow all the time!

If you want a tool that not only support LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, but Google Plus and even some other social networks as well, then a useful tool is HootSuite. They let you join for free and add two feeds to your account, but if you like the service and want to add even more feeds to your account and make your new blog posts automatically be posted to the most important social networks, then you need to sign up for a professional account which is not expensive at all, less than 10 USD a month.


HootSuite administers your social media easily

In addition to publishing posts from your feed to social networks, HootSuite also lets you schedule posts to social media, publish pictures and lots of other stuff you will find really useful if you are a busy webmaster who want to spend and use your time in the most efficient way possible. HootSuite also gives you the chance to analyze and see how many people click your different links and lots of other snacks that might be useful for you as a webmaster and blogger.

I guess the only way to find out if HootSuite is for you, is to try it. Head over and visit their site today and sign up for a free account. Add your social networks and feeds to your account and let your new posts automatically be posted to the different social networks you are active on!

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