How to find inspiration to write new blog posts?

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As a blogger one of the crucial tasks is to come up with new blog posts, topics and ideas for fresh and interesting content. It might be easy to come up with new ideas for a while, but as months and years pass by, it will often be challenging to find inspiration for new blogs posts.

Here you will find some ideas that might help you to find inspiration and make it easier to come up with ideas for new articles in the future.

How to find inspiration for new posts?

Good ideas for bloggers

Stay interested

When you write a blog on a certain topic, the most important is to have an actual interest in the topic. If you have an actual interest in the topic, you will always be curious to find out more about that actual topic yourself, and thus you will have insight and it will be much easier to find interesting topics, news and updates worth writing about.

If your blog is about faith in Jesus, then you better live close to Jesus yourself. If you start to withdraw from the master, your source of inspiration, you will find it much harder to blog about faith and similar topics. If you blog about blogging, make sure to read other blogs about blogging, study the topic of SEO, develop own blogs and as you do so, you will continuously find inspiration and topics worth writing about.

Stay close to the vision

What was your original purpose for creating the blog. If it started with a vision from God, stay close to God and he will keep the vision hot and give inspiration. If you created a blog with the purpose of getting more customers to your business, keep that vision in mind and think of other ways in which you can get more customers through upcoming blog posts. Remember that you do not need to write big news in every post, but why not write a post quoting the email you received from Mr. Hansen who told you how satisfied she was with your customer service.

Find a pen and a paper

Inspiration from pen and paperIn our days when we all sit with computers, it can be useful to find a pen and paper. Think back and find the original purpose, vision, for creating the website or blog you are working with. Write the vision in the middle and around it write down different ways in which you can make that vision come true. The visuality of such a task will often bring new ideas and inspiration, and it might bring light to some brand new strategies that you have not had before.

Ask someone with no insight on the subject

If you write about blogging and SEO, why not ask your wife/husband, or someone else with no insight on the subject what kind of questions they have on the topic. I remember reading a SEO workers interview with his mum about what his mum thought he were doing. It was quite hilarious reading, but at the same time very interesting. If you speak with people who see your blog and website from the outside, they might be able to come with interesting input and ideas that will make your website much more interesting and draw lots of people to it that you would never find it unless you started writing about very down-to-earth and outsider-questions.

Do not work on your blog for a couple of days

If you sit in front of the computer feeling that you HAVE to write those articles, it can sometimes be hard to find inspiration. Do the opposite! Take some days off and during those days you are not allowed to write any articles. The only thing you are allowed to do is to write down ideas and suggestions for new articles you get during your time of relaxation.

The next time you sit down to write articles and update your blog you will not feel as if you have to invent something all over again, but you will have a piece of paper packed with ideas and inspiration, and now all you have to do is write!

Read a lot

To write you need to read. This is a bit similar to the first thing I mentioned in this article, but it goes much deeper than having a passion for the subject you are blogging about. A good student studies his entire life. He does not finish studying as he receives his university degree. A good blogger reads his entire life, and always learn new things. You might think that reading Shakespeare will not help you much as you update your blog about faith or about blogging, but who knows? Everything you learn is useful and as you keep on studying, you will be able to add more information and interesting facts to your articles. Extra knowledge is quite similar to spice on food. You can eat it without it, but it becomes much more tasty and exciting when used!

Chat with other bloggers

I earlier mentioned how you should speak with people on the outside of the blogger world and not familiar to the topic you are blogging about. That is useful, but do not forget that it can be very useful to meet up with like-minded people as well! As you speak with others, speak about ideas, thoughts, challenges and problems, you will often find yourself inspired and get courage to keep on going. If you have the chance, chat with some experts on the area from whom you can learn a lot. I often find listening to people with lots of skills and knowledge in an area to be inspiring, and after a conversation with such people I just want to get back home, sit down in my chair and dig deeper on that topic.

These were some simply advices on how to find inspiration to write new blog posts. There are much more that could be said, but if you have some input on the subejct, why not write a comment and share your thoughts here. I would love to hear from you!

Good luck and be inspired!

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