How to change “All Web Site Data” title in Google Analytics?

In the recent time all new Google Analytics account get the “All Web Site Data” standard name. It normally does not cause you any problem, but when you see recent opened statistics and all that is listed is five different “All Web Site Data” it gets annoying.

All Web Site Data

We have had the same problem here at HowToBLogInfo, so this article was originally written because we had to fix the problem ourselves. Google Analytics, a tool used by most bloggers out there is a great tool to analyze your visitors and get the statistics you are interested in, but the All Web Site Data text made things a bit complicated at times. This is how we fixed the problem ourselves and changed the text to something else.

[stextbox id=”info”]Recently there was an update to the Google Analytics program for Android phones, and since the update the “All Web Site Data” has yet again made it impossible to easily check among the recent accounts the one you are really interested in.[/stextbox]

Change the All Web Site Data text in Google Analytics

To change the text All Web Site Data, follow these steps.

    • Log in to your Google Analytics account
    • Press Admin button in upper right corner
    • Pick one account that you would like to change
    • Under View (Profile), choose View Settings
    • You should now see the text “All Web Site Data”

remove all web site data from google analytics

  • Here you can manually change the All Web Site Data text to whatever you want.

Hope it works out for you as you follow these instructions. If you want to see it all live on a video, check out our YouTube video describing and showing the solution to the problem.

[stextbox id=”info”]As you change the titles and the text, you will kind of see the changes at once, but it will be 100% refreshed and changed within 24 hours. So, some more patience is needed before you get totally rid of All Web Site Data.[/stextbox]

If you have further questions or problems, just write a comment!



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