Waiting for the summer to come (Lake Balaton picture)

The fantastic Lake Balaton

It is December and it is cold outside. It is on days such as this one that I often long for the summer to arrive. I do love Christmas, and I actually enjoy the cold weather, but when the sun is shining and you can just wear shorts and t-shirt (instead of big jackets, scarfs, gloves and more), it is just fantastic!

Every summer we spend at least one week by Lake Balaton in Hungary. It is a perfect place for families to enjoy hot water (normally) and nice weather (normally).

The fantastic Lake Balaton

The fantastic Lake Balaton

The lake is a fantastic place to visit, and I have always dreamt about bicycling around the entire lake once. Maybe the summer of 2019 will be the year for such an accomplishment? The bicycle ride is appx. 200 kilometers and parts of it can be made in a real scenic territory. And, I wouldn’t want to do it in one day, but maybe in five days, with plenty of time to stop along the way, swim, eat, and maybe drink some local wine here and there. I am not a big wine drinker, but if you travel along the Balaton and see all the grapes in the surrounding areas, you will for sure feel tempted to taste some of the local wine, even if you aren’t the biggest wine drinker.

Now is the perfect time to lay plans for 2019, but most of us are already heavy into buying all the needed Christmas presents, pre-Christmas stress at work, and for me… working as much as possible, so that I will not need to work that much between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

Good look preparing for 2019, and good luck with your Christmas preparations!

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