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How to watch Paralympics on CBC in Canada online?

Are you one of the thousands of persons out there who would like to follow the Paralympics online on CBC? Luckily that can easily be done, both if you are located in Canada or outside Canada. Here are the steps you need to take to get started watching Paralympics online within minutes. Watch Paralympics on

Where can I watch the Oscars online?

Where can I watch the Oscars online? Today it is Friday and in two days it is time for the highlight of the year in the film and movie industry. But, where can you and I watch the Oscars online? If you want to watch live from the Oscars Awards, from the very first moment

Where can I watch the Paralympics online?

Are you interested in the Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi? Thanks to Channel4 in the UK you can see almost 50 hours broadcasted from the Paralympics in Sochi easily online. To watch the Paralympics online, you need to either reside in the UK, or use HideMyAss. If you live in the UK, simply visit the

Watch Dinner for One online!

Dinner or One is the classic of all classics, and the number one program that you need to watch on New Years Eve. The story of Miss Sophie and her four guests, and of course the main actor, the waiter, serving them throughout the evening might be the most popular of all TV dramas, played