Watch Dinner for One online!


Dinner or One is the classic of all classics, and the number one program that you need to watch on New Years Eve. The story of Miss Sophie and her four guests, and of course the main actor, the waiter, serving them throughout the evening might be the most popular of all TV dramas, played over and over again throughout the world, year after year.

If you want to watch Dinner for One online all you have to do is to share this article, and you will get to see the full version of Dinner for One with the original actors and music!

Watch Dinner for One online!


To watch the film, simply use one of the share buttons above, and the full video will turn visible and you can watch it at once!

Did you enjoy it? I hope you did, because this is one of my favorite videos, and I must admit it, that without it there is for sure something missing to the traditional Christmas and New Years Eve celebration. Check it out and enjoy!

Dinner for One is by many known as the 90th Birthday. It was originally written in the 1920, and later recorded first in the 1960s. The original language was English and it is the version from 1963 that is so beloved and that we still watch today. The 11 minute version is the traditional, but it does exist a longer version, and 18 minute version which also has a long German introduction before the start of the full play. If you did not know it, the title, the 90th Birthday is an alternative title because Miss Sophie is really celebrating her 90th birthday in the film.

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