How to reveal content when user shares your post on social media?

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lock contentWould you like to get more social media shares? Do you want content only to be revealed to the user as they share your post or page on social media sites like Google+, Facebook and Twitter? Find out how to do so here!

To be able to use a function like this on your very own website, you will need to have a WordPress blog first of all. WordPress is the number one blogging platform in the world, so if you already have  a blog there is a big chance that you run it using WordPress. If you run a WordPress site and want a free way of locking content on your website, only to be revealed when your visitors share your content on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, then that can be easily done. But, for you to be able to find the solution, guess what, you will need to share this article.

Want something like this on your site? Share this article and find the solution!

[sociallocker id=”376″]This function is run by a WordPress plugin named OnePress Social Locker. You simply need to download it and install it on your WordPress installation, activate it and the next time you write a new post or page you will see a new icon in your WordPress menu. Click it and you will get the social locker shortcode and whatever you have written between the start and the end of the shortcode will be hidden and only turn available to people who share your article on social media.

You can buy the premium version of the plugin here if you want even more fun, detailed statistics and other great and useful functions.[/sociallocker]

 Why is this useful?

Social media is getting more and more important, and it is a great way of getting visitors come to your site. Few people are willing t pay for products online, but they might be willing to “pay” with a social like or sharing what is going on at Twitter. This is therefore a very powerful tool that you will find very handy and that will be able to bring lots of new visitors to your site if you use it in a good way.


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