How can I watch Olympics on CBC from outside Canada?

Dear Christine! I just wonder how I can watch the Olympics on CBC in Canada from outside Canada, from abroad? I would really love to watch the CBC broadcast and not one of many other streams available in other countries. Which VPN provider should I use to do so? And what exactly do I need to do?

Thank you for the question! To watch CBC and to watch the olympics on CBC you need a Canadian IP address, and the best provider to use if you are in need of a Canadian IP address is IPVAnish. They have several servers in Canada and you can quickly and easily get yourself a Canadian IP address if you use their services.

Olympics hockey final on CBC (watching using IPVanish) IPVanish

The live stream on CBC from the Winter Olympics can be found here.

If you try to watch these from outside Canada, you will see an error message like this.

Error message watching CBC from outside Canada

To get rid of this message simply sign up for the VPN services from IPVanish. Once you have done so connect to a server in Canada and restart your browser. You can then use the CBC live stream link above and the streams will work and you can now watch the Winter Olympics online on CBC easily.

The standard price for IPVanish is 10USD per month, but if you type the code Sochi as a coupon code you will get at 25% discount.

Watching Winter Olympics on CBC

Here you can see a screenshot taken by me as I use IPVanish to get a Canadian IP address, and then I watch CBC online from Europe.


Watching opening ceremony on CBC on February 7th with IPVanish (starting in a few minutes).

For more information about watching the Winter Olympics online in other nations, read here.


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