How to translate documents and websites easily online in a cheap way?

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Do you have a website, a product, an application or something else that you would like to translate to another language? A new language, a translation, can be what opens up a whole new world and a new country to you and your business, so it can greatly influence your business income. But, where can I translate documents and websites easily online in a cheap way?

translate documents and websites easily

Get your documents and websites translated easily and in a cheap way online!

There are several options, but a very good option that works good is a service named ICanLocalize. It was made by the team creating the WPML, a great tool for creating multilingual WordPress sites. We have tested the service ourselves, and it works fine and as we tried to translate about 1000 words to two different languages we had both translation delivered within less than 48 hours and the price was about 100 USD per translation. That is quite a competitive price, especially considering the speed on the translation. We skipped this with our translations, but there is an option which will make your text reviewed as well, before you have it delivered back to you. If you have a document that needs to be 100% perfect, the review part can be very useful!

ICanLocalizeThere are more than 40 languages to which you can translate documents using this service, so it is very easy and quick to get your project translated to tens of languages. You also have the chance to review translators, and only translators with good reviews are allowed to actually translate inside the system.

If you want to visit the site and check this out for yourself, then visit ICanLocalize, register (for free) and check out if you like the system. You should of course be prepared that it takes some minutes to get a grip on the page and the system, especially since there seems to be some troubles with the languages of the menus and buttons, but once you get a grip on it, it is easy to use, even though you will often meet both German and Spanish words and menus in the English version of the site.


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