Where can I watch the Oscars online?


Where can I watch the Oscars online? Today it is Friday and in two days it is time for the highlight of the year in the film and movie industry. But, where can you and I watch the Oscars online?

If you want to watch live from the Oscars Awards, from the very first moment as the actors, actresses, directors and other celebrities arrive on the red carpet, all the way until the last award has been given out, this is what you need to do!

Where can I watch the Oscars online?

To watch the Oscars online from the first moment till the last, visit HideMyAss and sign up for their VPN service.

An updated article dealing with how to watch the Oscars online can be found here.

When you have done that and downloaded their VPN client (this takes maximum of five minutes), you should restart Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome or whatever browser you use. Now you open your HideMyAss VPN client and connect to a server in Germany. When you have done that and the connection is up and working (it takes 10-15 seconds) you can start your browser over again and now you need to visit the site for the live coverage from the Oscars provided by the German TV channel ProSieben. You can find that live stream here.

If you try to watch this live stream without HideMyAss you will get an error message, as this broadcast is only available to people in Germany. That is why you need to connect with HideMyAss to a server in Germany, to make sure that ProSieben believes that you are in Germany, and in that way you can watch the Oscars live online on March 2nd without a problem!

[stextbox id=”note”] If you get yourself a HideMyAss subscription, you can also use that for so much more later. For example, if you get yourself a one year subscription you can use the same subscription to watch the World Cup online in a couple of months![/stextbox]

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