Slay your dragons in the morning

Slay Your Dragons in the Morning

Slay Your Dragons in the Morning

I just read this really good article written by Michael Hyatt, one of the best Christian bloggers out there, and I must admit that even though I do not always read his posts, this was an outstanding one.

What is it about? You need to slay your dragons in the morning before you get out of the dark. It is so important to get a good start on the new day, and you need to get up spiritually, physically and with your head. That is why excercise is important, that is why we all need to read our Bibles and that is why we need to study and read so that our minds can be alert and we can always be learning.

I so much liked one of his citations in the article as well: Leaders read and readers lead. It is so true, and we need to stay fresh and young in our minds!

Do you want to read the article as well? Read Slay Your Dragons in the morning by Michael Hyatt!


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