Buy a valid Microsoft Office license for less than 10 Euro? It is possible!

Get a super-cheap Microsoft Office

A few weeks ago I was visiting to check out on their daily deals. Among their offers was a Microsoft Office license costing around 120 Euro. I almost bought it (as I was in need of a Microsoft Office license), but for some reason I skipped it.

Get a super-cheap Microsoft Office

Get a super-cheap Microsoft Office – running the Norwegian version on my computer

The next day I thought I would just check on how much a valid Microsoft Office license would cost if I bought it on a day when it was not discounted. To my great surprise I found Microsoft Office licenses way cheaper than the day before. In fact, I was able to buy a Microsoft Office license costing me only 7,50 Euro. I couldn’t really believe it, but out of excitement and curiosity I decided to purchase such a license. Since it it possible to visit in English I could understand most of the information available, even though quite a lot of specifics here were written in German. I did however understood that I would get a download¬† code and an Office license sent by email.

The day after the email was received and I could immediately download Microsoft Office. After downloading, I installed it, and then I registered it with my valid license code. It was however a bit sad that everything was in German, but the company selling the product on sent me information on how to get it multilingual, and thus I had a fully international version ready of Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2016 ready to run on my computer for 7,50 Euro.

I tested this even more

Since it worked so great I decided to try it once more, but buying another product. This time I doubled the price (about 15 Euro), but for this price I would get two licenses. This worked somewhat different, because they did not send me the download links and the license code in email, but I needed a real address in German. That was not a problem since I have a mail-forward company I use in Germany. They got the letter in one day and forwarded it to me in Hungary (the price was 5 Euro), and thus I got all the information in the paper-mail about where I could download the installation files and with a valid Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2016 code for two computers. Smooth… and very cheap!

So, now here I am… 27 Euro cheaper (that includes the cost to have the last letter sent to me using the mail forwarding company in Germany), but with three valid Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2016 licenses. I would say it was totally worth the money!

Are you gonna try it as well? If you have comments or questions, just use the comment field beneath!


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