now shipping to Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, and Slovakia (for free)


This year has given us a magnificent Christmas present. They offer (free) shipping to Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, and Slovakia. has recently been running a big campaign selling products. This is all connected to Black Friday and Cyber Monday and yesterday I placed an order. I was planning to have my order delivered to my “package forwarding address” in Germany, but for some reason I checked out whether I could have it delivered to Hungary instead. To my great surprise it was possible. But, it wasn’t only possible, I could have it delivered to my home address in Hungary completely for free!

I placed my order and was really happy about it. Then I surfed some more, added some goods to my basket, but this time I was not offered free shipping. It still shipped to Hungary, but it wasn’t for free. Since then I looked around to find out what is happening and here i will sum it up!

amazon-de-free-delivery-to-denmark-sweden-finland-and-more delivering to Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, and Slovakia

  • let the news out that they will deliver goods to these countries on November 17th, 2016.
  • All orders placed with a minimum value of 39 Euro can be delivered for free to your home address in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Hungary or Slovakia, as long as it is processed and delivered by Amazon. To find out if a product is delivered by Amazon look for the following sentence in the description:
    “Dispatched from and sold by Amazon.” Sometimes a product might be sold by a third company, but dispatched from Amazon. If that is so, then that is okay. But, if a product is sold and dispatched by someone else, then it will not be available in the “free shipping” policy.
  • Since the VAT in Hungary is higher than in Germany the difference for the VAT will be added to your order in the final stage before payment. I am not sure how this will differ between Germany and the other countries mentioned, but you will soon find out about it as you place your order.

Are you ready to try and place your order? Visit and check it out!

But, I do not understand German!

That should not be a problem at all. I have earlier written an article on how you can now access in English, so visit that article to find out more on how it is done, or simply visit in English by pressing this link.

I always use the English version on the German Amazon website, and I have no problems with it at all. Sometimes a German word might show up, but there is little trouble about it.

What are the shipping costs for orders under 39 Euro?

I played around with this yesterday and what I discovered is that they ain’t bad at all. In fact you will almost for sure get cheaper shipping costs using Amazon than having a third company forward your order to your current nation. But, do not forget about the very fact that if you place an order for something that cost 20 Euro you might have to pay a postal fee of around 10 Euro to have it delivered to your country. Why not spend those 10 Euros on something else, add 10 more other (that means you will spend 40 Euro in total), but you will have 40 Euro’s of goods delivered to your home address for free, instead of spending 30 Euro to get products for 20 Euro’s delivered at your door. Get the logic behind that?

Notice that there are some products which you will find at that can not be delivered to countries outside Germany and for such products you will still need to use a post forwarding company like Mailboxde.

Have you placed your first order from yet and had it delivered to your home address for free? Were you satisfied with the experience? Write a comment and let me know. If you should have any questions, feel free to ask them here as well!

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