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Walking in unity

Yesterday in church one of the pastors spoke about walking in unity for a minute or two. As our church is preparing for a conference later this summer, all members get a daily email with teaching preparing them for the conference. I have received those emails myself for a couple of days, but did not

My business or Gods business?

In Exodus we can read the interesting story about the creation of the golden calf. The people thought Moses was lost and they needed some new object in which they could place their trust. As God saw what was going on he came with a tempting offer to Moses. God told Moses that he wanted

Admit your mistakes

During his reign David had built a good relationship with the Ammonite king Nahash. After his death David wanted to continue building a good relationship with Hanun, Nahashs son, but he did some big mistakes! Before reading the rest of the teaching, read the bible verses from 1. Chronicles 19:1-6! “And it happened after this,